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So got pillers of eternity back in Dec. Played it for a couple weeks off an on. but was a little disappointed in that alot of the cool items were late game material. and also rl took hold so had to stop playing till now. My question was or is, whats a good starter build to follow here? I like the trap finding and ranged stuff as well as the magic aspect of the game.

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Cipher maybe. good mix of combat and spells. And anyone can do trap finding although they do start with a point in trap finding. there is some builds you can see on these forums. Although they maybe min maxed which you dont really need for this game if you dont want 


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For magic and ranged damage you can go with Cipher, Wizard or Druid, maybe even Priest.

Cipher - Weapon damage is very important as builds focus for powers.  Powers are mostly offensive damage or debuff or CC but also has a few self and team buffs.

Wizard - Relies more on spells for damage, though has spells that modify weapon damage (level 3 blights for example plus DaOM) that do more damage than implements, especially at that point of the game.  If using standard ranged weapons I prefer to use debuff/cc implements rather than trying to do lots of damage with them.  Spells are mostly self buff, enemy debuff or damage.

Druid - Lots of different spells, aoe DR/defense buffs, enemy debuffs, and damage spells.  You can ignore spirit shifting (melee), but some of a druids best spells (storms) are based around him so having him far away in back makes them less effective.

Priest - most spells are to buff himself and team mates in a aoe but has a few that debuff, cc or damage enemies. Can get good accuracy for weapon damage due to some talents but really will be secondary to spells.

I think Wizard or Cipher fits best can could put both in same group.  You get aloth early, his might could be better for damage but can cc and debuff well plus add some damage.  I'd build the cipher with high might + int, add some perc, can take points out of con&res but I wouldn't min them if your not used to it.

Dont worry too much about fancy item combinations, just keep the armour light or robes and prioritize a good Int item on them if buff/debuff/cc and good might if damage. If weapon damage is important then give a perception item. Not casting quick enough then add Dex. 

Focus more on the talents and abilities adding what you need.  Wizards early I prefer to improve there kitting/survivability to get away from enemies that get past your tanks.  Cipher I prefer to add accuracy and damage to build focus quickly so can use cc/mind control to protect themselves.

You can always respec once you've got cash which I find isn't an issue mid act 2 unless your buying lots of items.

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