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  1. So I have been really enjoying this game. Up till today where out of nowhere, any time one of my party members gets "downed" they immediately just die completely and exit party. Looking at the combat log, sometimes, it doesnt show anything even killing the party member. Just that they died and left party. No, before you all ask, I dont have Grog as a pet. The game was working totally fine up till i started in the Forgotten Sanctum. I first noticed it on my second or third wipe on the first few Vithracks when you first start. I am playing on POTD. The first few pulls the Vithracks blew me up pretty hard core because I wasnt expecting so much dmg from the caster with that purple lazer thing. Well, needless to say, it killed my ranged group in about a second. At this point, the game is working fine. I wipe and reload. I think I wiped again and then on the third time attempting it, If one of my characters get unconcious, they just permadeath on me and leave group. No injuries on anyone. It can even happen to my main character. What gives? I have now made it to the room with the ghost child that spawns a billion adds and i have given up trying to work around this issue and and looking here for a fix. Please Help!@!!
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