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  1. I should have guessed that . I've just seen your "Poe Items for Deadfire" mod... I use already MaxQuest's "Spoils of Caed Nua", I might as well add your mod to my list! But what about the buffs classified in the "other" column?
  2. @AndreaColombo Hi! Could you please explain to me how did you manage to get those attribute numbers? Impressive btw!
  3. Hi. I'm having a lot of difficulties finding a build that works for Serafen as a melee Witch. I tried to follow the tips I've read on some posts in this forum, but I'm struggling to keep the guy alive. Basically, as soon as I let him engage, he gets focused down and dies in no time, even if I cast Borrowed Instincts or Body Attunement before going into the fight. I'm playing on PotD with Community Patch and Balance Polishing Mod. Serafen is currently on level 14 and the rest of the party is around level 14-15. I took all the defensive abilities I could (Thick Skinned, Savage Defiance, Body Attunement, Psychovampiric Shield and so on...). He's equipped with Amra (two handed battle axe) and the Fleshmender armor. Do you guys have any advice? Do I have to put him in heavier armor? Could anyone who enjoyed Serafen as Witch share the exact build he used? I can't decide if I'm playing him the wrong way (I treat him as melee flanker) or if I built/equipped him incorrectly. Thank you!
  4. @Boeroer Somewhat off-topic: Was Essence Interrupter finally fixed ? Last time I checked it still suffered from the loot bug.
  5. Thank you! I think I'll wait for the complete package then... I hope it will come soon!
  6. @Elric Galad Thanks for the effort. Your mod looks interesting and I would like to try it, but I don't understand how it relates to the community patch mod. Does it include all the changes already in the CP, save from stuff that you overrode? Do I have to load both of them in sequence? How about the unique icons mod?
  7. Hi @Boeroer. Do you think this build could be viable for a solo PotD run ? How would you deal with those pesky ranged enemies ?
  8. It doesn't. Plague of Insects and Venombloom are not keyworded as poison for the purpose of PL.
  9. It's strange. It happened again the other day during the fight against Sissak. Character wasn't charmed but had still the Ring of Reset equipped. As for now, the only thing noticeable is that it happens during FS.
  10. I could not infer it from the combat log: it simply said "X is dead. X left the party" (I did not look accurately though). Besides, it happened only to a specific character (SC Barbarian, adventurer). In the same fight another character died normally. It may be related to the Ring of Reset, that was equipped by the character who died without injuries. After the second try the ring started to work properly, resurrecting my Barbarian without problems.
  11. Bump. Permadeath without injuries happened to me 2 times in a row today during the frightened child fight in FS. No Grog equipped. Version 5.0.
  12. In that case, I could make a Streetfighter/Troubadour and summon the wisps with the distracting attack instead of building a Trickster/Troubadour...
  13. Thank you all guys for the many inputs! The consensus seems to be that Shadowdancer is the best option. As for the Rogue, I'd say Trickster has also a nice synergy with The Hundred Visions upgrade of The Eye of Wael (even if, on the other hand, Form Phantasmic could someway fit a Streetfighter). Fact is that I played Trickster so many times already (one time as a Tank and one time multiclassed with Beguiler) that I'm afraid I'll be getting bored after a while. That's basically why I haven't even mentioned in the beginning the idea of multiclassing with a Rogue . But if leaving the Rogue out of the equation hampers the build, I'll build a Shadowdancer anyway. Does Riposte work with scepters or do you have to swap to fist before starting to run around? That sounds funny, but if you have to swap every time it can become tedious. Could the squishiness of Helwalker be mitigated enough by multiclassing with Devoted? Never tested it. But it shouldn't: modal are considered active abilities AFAIK.
  14. I'm planning my next run on PotD Upscaled and I'd love to play a ranged guy who dual wields scepters. As it was already pointed out, scepters have one of the best modal in game: + 2 PEN and + 20% Damage with no substantial drawbacks. But... how would you build a ranged character who dual wields scepters to maximize his DPS output? Has anyone tried such a character? I've seen the "Eccentric Scepter-trick Shadowdancer" build by Silvaren, but I'm not convinced about going Helwalker/Assassin (I've just played an Assassin and the assassinate bonus doesn't apply to the attack made with the off-hand weapon, so the ability seems kind of wasted). How about a Devoted/Helwalker? Would it be better to go Devoted/Ranger instead? Could a wizard+something multiclass build work with dual scepters? Any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Did this bug get fixed in 5.0? I have no time to play now and sadly I can't check it myself...
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