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  1. Hello again, One more bug, again related to meshes. It seems Ikiuq, one of the recruitable helmsmen crew members for your ship, has no head model assigned to him, instead having a flesh-coloured round void where his face should. The following pictures should help illustrate the issue: And this isn't a matter of the face being so low-res you can't see it - I have screenshotted my other crew members and they clearly have, however ill-defined, traces of faces, unlike void-faced boy up there. Although it probably doesn't help steam's screenshot function is incr
  2. As the title implies, the item "Bathing Attire", which can be found in the armoires on the upper floor of the Luminous Bathhouse, lacks an actual Grab/Drag sprite, resulting in a comparatively gigantic bleak white void taking its place when moving it in the inventory screen, as follows:
  3. As the title explains, male models (and only male models) are currently suffering from a slightly broken Watershaper's Robe model - the neck seam does not correctly match the head model's height, which results in a visible transparent seam - this is consistent in all races, although the issue is not readily apparent with Tekehu due to his skin being the same shade as the character screen paperdoll background. As follows: This issue has been verified on the live 2.0 patch
  4. Galawain's Blessing is still bugged as of 1.20033. Siding with him during Overgrowth still gives you nothing, and no dialogue resolution ever happens, either. I sided with Galawain in POE 1, still haven't gotten anything for it. I went to Boot-Suck Bog, and the only way to avoid combat was with a diplomacy check Only thing I noticed in game to come as a result of strengthening the souls of Dyrwood at the end of the first PoE was an additional talent/feat on Edér's character sheet which grants (iirc) +5 fortitude or will. Didn't see anything granted to the main character t
  5. It appears 1.2007 broke one of our long-time mainstays for priests, perhaps as retribution for the time it was a nuke. The Priest level 2 spell "Iconic Projection" no longer does anything, it doesn't heal, it doesn't do damage, in fact, it doesn't even spawn a projectile anymore, graphical or mechanical. This bug is quite bizarre, might I add, because the spell was working absolutely fine on the beta patch. These screenies should help illustrate the issue. -Targeting, no problems thus far. -Casting, here's where the problems begins, since a projectile should have been spawne
  6. The latest patch seems to have introduced a myriad issues with the Behavior Editor subwindows in the game, making it impossible to customize any aspect of AI behavior through them. What happens is as follows: -Bringing up conditions or ability triggers in the Behavior Editor brings up the subwindows as it should, however, they are 100% uninteractable, clicking anything in them (even the "cancel button) does absolutely nothing - the only way to close them is pressing "Esc". -Additionally, clicking anywhere where there should be another trigger for bringing up conditions or ability trig
  7. The latest patch seems to have broken something in the subwindows for setting Conditions and Abilities in the Behaviour Editor, as I shall describe: You cannot select any ability or condition (clicking them does nothing most of the time, neither are they ever highlighted), scroll down with either the mousewheel or the bar itself or even close the window itself without pressing "esc" - in fact, clicking anything on the screen, in or outside the window, is ill advised as it might randomly spawn dozens of duplicates (which go away when pressing "esc", fortunately), but not crash the game itse
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