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  1. Support from devs has ended, only players can help you and I think they can do little. Try repair on steam or reinstall, update drives and system see if it works. This can help too https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/2572002906843374108/
  2. My watcher is still getting new abilities after respec, I`m waiting for a long time for this to fixed to continue my playthrough.
  3. I dont know if it is the right place to post a bug in beta patch but I'm still got extra abilities after respec, an extra watcher ability and wily step as my char is a wood elf. Constant recovery, knock down and proficiencies were fixed as mentioned in the patch notes.
  4. Its a known issue. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104409-bug-respeccing-main-character-gave-skills-and-proficiencies/?hl=respec
  5. Apart from the syncing problem I got all these bugs, lag in inventory when dragging items, floating fight numbers after encounters, extra abilities when retraining main char and dont forget the **** framerate over time.
  6. Now its the opposite, when I respec I gain another version of Visage of Death's Herald plus Knock Down, also my character is a Wood Elf and I got two Wily Step now, one hidden the other as an active effect. https://imgur.com/nu7qIj6
  7. Yes, and performance degradation over time is still present, the only solution is Special K but even so with enough time FPS goes poor again.
  8. I got this bug too at oathbinder sanctum there's no way to reproduce because restarting the game fix it.
  9. Yeah, all passive abilities of all companions are squares.It started after recruiting Maia https://imgur.com/DF5liJp
  10. Won't this quest be fixed? 1.2 beta patch notes doesn't mention nothing about it.
  11. Along with these suggestions, pats could also have a change in the looks, like a bigger bear or a bigger wolf with unique passives.
  12. I think that Yngfrith should only show up if you exhaust all dialog options from Modwyr, at this point you should've have knowledge that Modwyer is seeking her old master. About Modwyr mastering her full power after speaking with Yngfrith, I see as if she got free from a prison of anguish and can be in peace using all her power because she is no more a Soulbound weapon only a unique one. And a have to say Modwyr is the best character I met so far kk.
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