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  1. Any news about the problem ? I wanted to complete all the dlcs together after some time but the game constantly crashes
  2. Game crashes mostly durning fights (but it's not the rule). How to reproduce: Start a fight with sould collector and cast a few spells etc. After a minute it crashes. Strange since i did get quite far up to that point with a lot more gpu heavy battles. Computer specs: Sabertooth z97 mark2 Core i5 4690 3,5ghz 24 gb ddr3 2333hz MSI GTX 660 TwinFrozr (OC'ed by MSI) Running on SSD EVO series from samsung Torlan (4ade87fe-14ef-4a24-8170-77fdadf6e529) (LAX-123AEFGHI) quicksave.zip error.log output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. I feel that rouges backstab is useless since it can be used only from stealth which u can use twice per battle using the smoke skill. Either make it 300-400% dmg so it's one time good dmg spike for them or make the 150% dmg constant when they atack from behind. For some reason each character when battle starts shows some random skill icon as their current task oO. Warriors even had some mage spells shown. I don't know how these grimories work (how to make my own). There should be some explanation. The question mark button doesn't work. I can change my cursor to question arrow button cannot click anything. Sometimes some words even though are same on different weapons or skills etc. aren't having the tooltips with info. You could create some parser for that bound with some dictionary class so that all of texts in the game would be parsed the same way. Now it feels like each text tooltip is added by hand which creates mistakes 2 Skills of cipher shows object not found. And next time it shows data from previously checked skill. Is it me or there's no way to check the skill / magic "trees" outside of leveling up. You could add some more descriptional information about weapon proficiencies when chosing one so that players would know when making character that sabers, rapiers etc. gets bonus from dex, or are better at some kind dmg. I feel that the fruit quest is broken. Except for finding the fruit with 18 perception on far left side of the beach and sending the guard (?) to other guy without proof i can't find any clues. Monster ai should be fixed. They sometimes start randomly running towards mage even though they are engaged with tank and cipher or tank and rouge. Thats kinda suicide ? Once they even started running around my tank endlessly untill got finished, sadly i didn't record it. Some icons are missing and are replaced by red border, white fill square with red x inside (some default i think in ur engine ). This is more of an anti idiot tweak but i sometimes do this mistake. When ur mage casts a spell, when u pause and want to give orders to other characters but by mistake don't change the selection and order something else u loose the spell and even the empower. Could u make it somehow cancelable ? I know it's tough The game crashed once when loading the game but left no data about it, just returned to windows without showing any window. Path AI sometimes get's stuck with easy obstacles. For example my team was fighting next to column and my main character couldn't by itself move around that column. Wanted to go through it. As a fix i manually moved him around the column. Sometimes when i casted a few aoe spells close to each other, all of them had the same icon informing about the spell in that area.
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