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[4.0 Beta] Priest of Woedica Fist Summoned Weapon Miscalculating Damage

Bug Beta

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Hello, I was testing some of the new abilities and I can not get the summoned fists to work in a way that makes sense.

First the main hand attack is not applying 20% raw damage on hit.

Second is that when the off hand does the damage calculation for the raw buff it is lower than 20% and doesn't seem to scale properly. My understanding it that from previous on hit+% bonuses is that they calculate from other damage bonuses as well(though based on their smaller base damage). Here at the base power level you learn them(3 I believe)  they are doing slightly less than 20% but at power level 7(in pics) they are doing only slightly more than 20%(previously hit +20% are doing over 30% and matching damage bonuses when calculated). 

I did not take any pictures of the low power level damages, because I wasn't sure it was messing up at first, but I can if you need some.

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Hello Nem0!

Thank you for letting us know about the damage issues with this ability!  I put a report together with the information you provided and sent it to the QA and Systems Design teams to investigate.  If you discover anything else about this, please continue to post it here as I have linked this thread in the report to be used as a reference during their investigation.


Thank you once again for all the help before we release this in the Default branch!

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