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  1. A simple map we can load with some enemies and such to easily test the changes made by mods would be cool.
  2. This mod removes the attribute bonuses you get from race and culture, increases the amount of spendable attribute points from 15 to 18 and increases attribute's maximum cap from 18 to 20. This allows you to freely choose the race and culture you want without having to worry about min-max'ing your attributes. There is an optional version which also unlocks all backgrounds, inspired by Nizzy's Backgrounds Unlocked mod. The idea and request belongs to u/mporubca on r/projecteternity. Installation Download the archive and extract the folder from it, Place the "RP & MinMax" folder in "
  3. I experienced this issue too: Returned the souls to the Wheel (Berath) in Dyrwood, imported save to Deadfire and the soul in Eothas thinks I returned them to their intended bodies (Hylea). My completegame save from PoE plus a save before and after the interaction with Eothas at Ashen Maw: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GZHlBaE6mfqhjq8oaUW2XXisWmsNleJs/view?usp=sharing
  4. Horns of the Bleak Mother helmet icon is missing in the latest beta update,
  5. Great to see UI fixes with this update instead of waiting for the bigger one. Looking forward to the free DLC too.
  6. Indeed. However, it seems that they are passive abilities and/or upgrades. So I'm not missing out on abilities but the UI shouldn't render the 2nd and 3rd level abilities if I don't have any abilities I can directly use. It's still a bug, just a different one than I originally described.
  7. I have started the game as an Inquisitor (Paladin + Cipher) and have never retrained. The only Cipher abilities I can use are the level 1 abilities. Anything beyond that is categorized on my action bar but the abilities themselves won't show up and are not clickable. Clarification: The bug is caused by UI creating categories for abilities while they are only passive abilities, so they show up empty and weird. Savegame, outputlog and dxdiag Thanks.
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