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A few Glitches I've found playing the New Beta



The first Blight you encounter in Rymrgard's Realm in the Animancy tower doesn't trigger combat, attacking it is similiar to attacking a totem/ward out of combat.


Entering the first floor from the Second floor of the Port Maje Tavern causes a glitch where you are unable to walk through the tavern itself, save for a small area near the stairs.


Similiar Pathing issues in the Engwithian digsite after the fight with the Drake & Panthers where Xoti and Player character were unable to walk through the Center circle of the Digsite. Xoti ended out clipping through the Ramp/Staircase leading to the bottom level. Restarting the Game did solve pathing.


Occasionally when leaving the Character Creation in the start of the game to the main menu leads to crashing. 


Loading new maps causes the error which reads: "There was an Error loading the next map, Returned to Main Menu for save game corruption." I'm aware this error happened in the past but it happens a lot more frequently now, especially after meeting Queen Neketaka and recruiting Maia & Pallegina. 



Minor Spoiler: 


Ydwin mentions your encounter with Rymrgard before actually meeting him. (BTW JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU FOR GIVING US THIS BLESSING OF CONVERSING WITH YDWIN)


Otherwise the new classes have been phenomenal and I love them all, especially the new Blood Mage.




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