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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there! While this board game me some great advice on a Mystic of Wael recently that I definitely still might take out for a spin, I'm also wondering about the viability of an old(-ish?) Herald build that Nerd Commando cooked up on the Steam forums. The basic gist of his idea is that a Herald can dump DEX and still get by as a solid damage dealer & support because of how many instant-ish casts they get -- and with Brisk Recitation on, chants are growing rapidly in a way they obviously wouldn't for, say, a slow Skald. It seems really neat, and I was wondering if I could get input on some
  2. Looking to complete my second solo POTD run as an Arcane Knight build that consists of Gold Pact / Blood Mage. My main question is regarding stats. Do stats hard / soft cap at 20 or 25? As it will impact the build. (First solo POTD run was with Powerottis Doom Fist build which was amazing) Stat Spread including taking into consideration Berath's Blessings 8 might + 2 BB = 10 11 con + 2 BB +2 from Girdle of Mortal Protection = 15 16 Dex +2 BB + 2 Fire Thrower Gloves = 20 18 perception + 2 BB + 1 from Serpents Crown = 20/21 (20 w/o Serps Crown 15 int + 2 BB + 2 Ch
  3. Hi all, I've looked everywhere I could think of and couldn't find any PotD solo turn based build so I've decided to ask for one here. I've already finished the game on PotD solo RTwP with a Devoted/Streetfighter and it was a lot of fun. However, this build obviously won't work on TB. I'm really interested in FINALLY trying the new turn based system but I only play solo PotD so here's that. A few points for this potential build: 1. I'm using Berath's Blessings so builds that are very weak at the beginning are still fine (I hope). 2. This build should be able to win
  4. So I've decided to actually try to create this as a build. This is not a solo build. This has been (partially) run on Veteran's difficulty (game not complete). This is not built for min-maxing, it was built for roleplaying for a character I had. If someone wants to min-max it, make a comment and I'll add it in. (®=recommended, !=important) Stats: M: 10 C: 10 D: 15 P: 15 I: 15 R: 10 Race: Fire Godlike (Or whatever else you decide) Origin: White That Wends (Or whatever else you decide) Background: Mystic (If you haven't noticed the pattern here) Weapon style: Dual Wielding I o
  5. So I'm fixing to create my main for PoE2 and wanted to play through PoE with a new character. My plan for PoE2 is a Rogue/Cipher or Rogue/Wizard, but for PoE I'm going to roll either a Cipher or a Wizard. I want to know which of Cipher or Wizard would be best for a 2 weapon melee build on Hard+Expert for PoE, using the companions rather than Adventurer's Hall toons. Doesn't need to be optimized, just fun.
  6. As the title says. I'm playing pathfinder with friends but do only have a few months of experience with Dungeons and Dragons. So far I have played as a dragonborn sorcerer and a halfling warlock in two different campaigns. Sadly enough, the dragonborn sorcerer campaign seems dying out (we don't get together as much) and apparently the chance that my halfling warlock dies in the next session is really high. Thus I'm looking at a new character. I am looking to create a necromancer cleric/gunslinger build. I want my character to be able to shoot guns from a distance and raise the de
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