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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it. I never played the 1st one. My 1st time playing an RPG other than real life D&D
  2. Everything I read says do it at lvl 10....but the rest of the quest can be done lower level. So essentially I just wasted my time to that point.
  3. The Storms of Poko Kohara. That Golem boss. You have to go in the ruins to finish the quest.
  4. So I wondering if I am not playing the game correctly. The reason why I ask is because I do a quest that is on an island. Fits my party level. Then I get to a boss that is way too high for my party so I can't finish the quest. I feel like I have to come back to that quest later in the game but by then I forget what the story line was. Is this common with this game?
  5. So I have had the game since release but haven't had a chance to play much. I am having to start over due to a computer malfunction. Anyways I am looking at character creation and how my character interacts with the other characters in my group. I know there are (4) story characters. Is it best to create a character that goes with those (4) folks or does it matter? Do people change out characters all the time?
  6. I am running 3 monitors. Is there a way to adjust the menu items so I can get them on my middle screen?
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