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  1. Incorrectly says that the buff lasts for 3 rounds.
  2. Slightly better view than the first picture. You can see there's actually two of them stuck there.
  3. This fellow, circled in red, was unable to move throughout the combat.
  4. Never managed to kill any of the big baddies in the first game. Decided to give it a try in Deadfire what with turn-based being an option. My first attempts at Jadaferlas did not go well. But once I bothered to spend 20 hours specifically outfitting my party with a million tools just to kill her, it ended up being disappointingly easy. HOWEVER, some of that seems to possibly be due to bugs. Once I finally won the fight, I decided to repeat it a few times, just to try it out. Here's a list of stuff I've encountered. 1- Sometimes she doesn't bother summoning magma oozes. I interrupted her fir
  5. As it stands now, and as far as I know it's been this way since the start, switching weapons in Turn-based is a Standard action. It takes your whole turn. I think it would be a lot better served by being a free action, but I can see how that would be problematic for balance, as it could let you swap back and forth multiple times per turn, let you always end your turn with a shield for better defense, etc. BUT... you already have OTHER systems in the game which are free actions that CAN'T be spammed. For example, you can't toggle a modal weapon mode on and off multiple times per turn. Ch
  6. I can't speak for normal mode, but in turn-based, the pathing at the entrance to the workshop in Sayuka, on the east side of the door, is very wonky. It forces you to walk through the middle, wasting valuable movement.
  7. During the quest A Glimpse Beyond, fighting the Scourging Blights. They display as having 9 Armor, 7 Armor against Bludgeon/Burn, and Immunity to Lightning. However, multiple attacks from certain weapons that deal Slashing and Piercing sources failed to do any damage, with the game telling me they were immune. This was contradicted by OTHER sources of Slashing and Piercing attacks dealing damage just fine. The sources in question... Slash damage from Lord Darryn's Voulge did not work, but Slash damage from Whispers of the Endless Paths and Mind Blades worked just fine. Pierce dam
  8. The weapon Wahai Poraga says that it will strike up to three additional targets, friend or foe, in an AOE around you. The AOE displays correctly, and I have hit my friends, but through some extensive testing where I placed myself in the middle of a huge pack of enemies, I have found ... it only hits 2 targets. It should be hitting up to 4, but I've never managed to hit more than 2, no matter how closely surrounded I am. Here is a picture showing this in action. I am surrounded by 4 enemies and attacked one. All four are shown highlighted in the AOE circle. The two marked with blue circles
  9. Can confirm that this is still bugged, and a huge pain in Turn-Based. You can engage the imps while the guards aren't there ... but since you're stuck in turns and the guards aren't, they keep patrolling, and will eventually walk back to your area, and as long as they are nearby, they seem to have a random chance to start attacking you. EDIT: I did finally manage to pull it off, placed my group on the bridge above and ran the enemies toward me. However, while there, a Wealthy Gentleman NPC spawned on the bridge and immediately called for the guards while he cowered. Fortunately none of them
  10. Tekehu's Druid subclass of Watershaper says that his Water and Frost spells are foe-only. Overwhelming Wave is tagged as a Water spell, and I heard people saying that he could spam it to great effect, but when I used it, it damaged my party members?
  11. I don't see any way for them to fix this unless they switch to an action-point system similar to Divinity Original Sin.
  12. I think Action Points would be very difficult for them to implement ... but I also agree it would be a huge improvement, especially as a means of converting Action Speed into a usable stat. Right now, the only downside to totally tanking your Dex and Action Speed is lowering your Initiative, but regardless, you still get 1 turn per round, same as everyone else. The current system (One action + Movement) seems to be based on tabletop rules, but the only reason we use those rules during tabletop instead of action points is because calculating the math for action points in real time is annoyin
  13. Is there any games which currently use this system? It's hard for me to picture in my head.
  14. I finally decided to play this game, now that all the DLC is out and my friends have told me that turn-based mode is solid enough to play with. Ran into this problem on my playthrough. Disappointed to see that this quest remains bugged in this manner.
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