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  1. Pathfinding needs help. Bad pathfinding wastes movement. Worse in turn-based. Realtime you can pause and fix. Turn based you cannot. Divinity Original Sin does not have pathfinding problems. If staying following pathfinder / D&D pattern: would be nice to be able to convert standard / attack action to extra movement. In pathfinder it is a standard (attack) action to reload a pistol / 1 handed firearm and a full-round (move+attack) action to reload a rifle / 2 handed firearm Reloading crossbows I think should need reload time too. Arbalest - full round. Regular - standard action. Exceptionally long casting times would also need multiple actions. Current turn-based is over-valuing initiative. Worse than GURPS. But in GURPS while being very expensive secondary characteristic (basic speed), it also impacts dodge, Pillars of eternity initiative is just that - turn order. I prefer Divinity Original Sin's action point system. Dexterity would impact action point capacity and regen. Movement speed is distance per action point. Recovery time impacts action point cost. Reloading time would impact action point cost. If reloading time (rifle & arbalest) makes it impossible for the fire-recover-reload to fit in a single round, then the reload and fire/recovery would be two separate actions. I like Divinity Original Sin ability for split party and turn-based combat, especially for sneaking rogues. The rogues operate in realtime while those locked in combat are time-frozen. When a rogue's stealth is compromised (attack, discovered, etc..), he joins the initiative order at the end of the round (goes to natural next round) and becomes frozen in time until his turn comes up.
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