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Wahai Poraga not hitting as much as it should



The weapon Wahai Poraga says that it will strike up to three additional targets, friend or foe, in an AOE around you. The AOE displays correctly, and I have hit my friends, but through some extensive testing where I placed myself in the middle of a huge pack of enemies, I have found ... it only hits 2 targets. It should be hitting up to 4, but I've never managed to hit more than 2, no matter how closely surrounded I am.

Here is a picture showing this in action. I am surrounded by 4 enemies and attacked one. All four are shown highlighted in the AOE circle. The two marked with blue circles were actually hit, while the two marked with purple circles were unaffected.


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Hm, weird.

Maybe it's a Turn Based thing?

Maybe you could have hit more enemies if you had attacked the most right enemy (clicked on him)? Because afaik the weapon spins clockwise. Maybe after your ally the game decided that there's no adjacent enemy and canceled? Shouldn't be like this but who knows?

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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