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  1. I am really loving turn based! I also want it to get better however. It's been over two weeks since the last patch, is there any way a mod or Dev could let us know about the next patch? Thanks again for implementing turn based!
  2. I'm glad you pointed this out but it's honestly hilarious
  3. I can almost ignore initiative outright as it is because everyone is guaranteed to get one (and only one) action per round. This allows me to pretty much abuse heavy guns with my backline and completely dumping Dex in turn based is completely viable for most roles right now. I've dumped Dex in every member of my party except for my priest so she can buff everyone immediately, but even if I didn't do this I'd just have my party "wait" until my priest can go. I'm having a lot of success even on PoTD. I think having high Dex should maybe give you an extra action per turn or something like that.
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