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  1. I'm finding that the starting distance between two boats is becoming really irritating. The fact that it's fixed at around 300 yards or so really invalidates the purpose of having long range weapons. I didn't notice/care so much when I was rollin around in a sloop, as I had no options but to rush toward the enemy to close distance before they could fire. But now that I've paid for this vastly more expensive boat, it seems like I threw away all my money. You'd think with a spyglass your captain could spot boats at farther than 600 yards, and start turning for a broadside with long guns way
  2. Loving the community patch. So, I have this idea about keywords etc. but I just don't know how hard it is to add this in (or I'd do it myself - and all my experience trying tells me that one of these days my hard drive will explode and gremlins will come out). I think it'd be incredible if there were some passive abilities, like heart of the storm for example, that grant +power level to keywords instead of just penetration. I mean on the one hand it might get out of control if you stack it with items like magran's axe or deltro's cage, but on the other hand I really hate stickin' an a
  3. Ah, thx tho. Trying to figure out how to do it myself, as I've been wanting to stick stormcaller on a wizard (arcane archer style elf :D). Just not sure how the item procs would work
  4. Anybody confirm that the Molina's Flinger is slower to reload rather than faster? I tried a makeshift combat test on a fully leveled flinger and aedrins wrecker - couldn't really notice a difference from shot to shot. That's telling enough as it is, you'd think a 50% speed bonus would be noticable.
  5. Yeah, that last bit sounds juicy. I just did 23 attempts on the alpine dragon, and while I think it mught be possible, *maybe* I have to stop myself now, or I will lose what tiny fragments of my minds are left, lol. SO ! Monksterlash, here I come. Until I can get at purgatory, I may need to grab up oidrecht/azureth's instead i think. Thank you for feeding my mania Purgatory is from that archdruid - but why do I keep thinking there's another in the game? I think I'm just trippin...
  6. Yeah, Con is a pretty serious issue. I've spent an inordinate amount on potions, and I've had to dance around a lot of fights because I'm afeared of one/two-shots. I underestimated how much damage I was going to take on my own (GM seemed pretty monster-like on my last playthrough, but now I see that was mostly because dead things don't hit back, and a party makes things dead a lot faster). I've yet to take on the alpine dragon because of the short health concerns however, and I nearly coudln't get past that wm 1 boss fight (took me about 8 tries, and 3 charges of the chimes). There's only
  7. Lol'd at psychic backlash. Had no idea how crazy that ability could be. Just to update you; went with a 18 mig/int human meadowfolk cipher, 15 per with middling everything else. Thus far I've got: Sura's supper plate garodh's Helm Ring of Protection Talisman of the Unconquerable Shod-in-Faith Looped Rope Celebrant's Gloves (still trying to find something else, but this works for now) Ring of Searing Flames Sanguine Plate Bittercut So I was wondering if might (or any stat really) affects retaliation damage effects - I've got decent might but even after adding +3(helm) i noti
  8. Thanks a lot, as always the Boeroer database > +10 lore ring. Gonna try a few levels of cipher out (the versatility of spells really appeals to me for a solo run) but I gotta say, the more I look at it, the more I want to try something like a monksterlash build. For now, gonna try to make that cipher work. I hear those first few levels on a potd solo run can be brutal until you start collecting the pieces of your gearset and get a few levels, but at least it'll be interesting. Anyway thanks again, i'll keep it posted if/when I find the right concoction.
  9. So I was trying to make a solo run retaliation cipher tank, but as I read up a bit closer, I realized a lot of the posts about it were made before the most recent updates; much of the information seems conflicting, and having recently played a melee ranger with Garodh's Helm, Sura's Supper Plate, and the Coat of ill Payment, I realized that I'm not sure all of those effects were actually functioning (perhaps some were suppressed, but with all the summons I had out the combat log was an absolute mess, and I didn't think to check the character page because - well hey, everything was dying around
  10. Closest they got is Godansthunyr (1h hammer, stuns on crit, +1 might that stacks with other might buffs) or Abydon's Hammer (white march 2, so late game, also it's 2hand. Not much like Mjolnir but its godlike and powerful if you use Soldier weapons. Souldbound tho, so you can't enchant it with durgan steel. p.s. naw, Hansvedic: need to have Honest/Benevolent dispositions maxed out lol. If hulk can't lift it with his 50 might, you ain't liftin it with your piddly 20
  11. Not sure what you want to accomplish, as there are different methods of tanking and different stats/talent groupings that can help you to achieve it. Not trying to sound indecisive - quite the opposite. The more we know about your character/s the better ppl can help you. However, if your tank build is the generic "max out defenses and do little or no damage" type, then I'd say Hearth Harvest. If you're playing a fast attacking DW or 1h/smallshield tank like a barbarian or monk, oidreacht (and enchant it so that you can actually hit and do damage: draining is only good at all if you can
  12. yes, a Heavy summon party feels invincible against all but the most powerful enemy AOE (dragons come to mind). I can vouch for this build. Figurines are really easy to come by - I had 2 adra beetle figurines, the spiderling figurine, wood beetles and the wurms, all on different characters so that they could all summon- had Kana, Sagani (ranged build) OR Pallegina (auras, baby, for all dem pets), Hiravias (yes, I used Blight summons/on him too), Aloth, Durpance, my MC melee ranger with heavy retaliation build, his pet (wolf) and copious aoe damage, and 2 of those characters had blunderbusses.
  13. Boeroer - do you know if durgan's refined enchant works at all on clothing? I was under the impression it was a waste of ingots to put on clothing, but I noticed OP had it in the primary post *edit nvm speed calculator asnwered my query, assuming its accurate. On a side note Im not sure if its a bug but I noticed Durgan's enchant doesn't seem to affect some armors (non souldbound, obviously). Even after saves/loads, retries etc, for example, on saint's war armor durgan's does change the recovery rate for Eder; But on Zahua with Argwes Adra Plate, it still reads at -50% recovery in
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