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  1. Thanks guys. Indeed. 29 perception is enough for the stash - same deal with the stash in The Dark Cupboard. Cheers!
  2. There's a key? Wow, I was wasting thief's putty... Gonna try that! Thanks EDIT: Where's the key? Can't find it...
  3. Hey, I was wondering if there's a way to grab the item from the chest without stealing it. So far I've tried fireworks to get the Iolfr's attention somewhere else, but well it worked before in similar situations, but not this time. Is it even possible?
  4. Shifter/assassin deals pretty good dps at-least in my current party on POTD. Currently running Kaylon's build.
  5. Is it possible to get Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff early in the game? I mean I'm on POTD level 6-7. Will I be able to get it now? It seems like a sweet addition to my PC wizard.
  6. I love the concept so far! btw. Is there a way to spot enemy ships quicker? Sometimes I feel like I'm spending so much time just roaming around the map... Should I swim around big islands or more into deep sea?
  7. I know you can upgrade hull, sails, gun, but... how do I get bigger ship? Also does boarding gives better loot or is it RNG based?
  8. Hey, I'm half through the game and it suddenly (after completing WM1) feels too easy. I don't mind console command or save editor as I don't care about achievements - all I want is to feel the challenge again. Thanks in advance!
  9. Ow, seriously? I know nothing about chanters, never used one even in poe1. What chant it is? Might add a chanter to my party
  10. After reading all these I'll probably stick to healing/buffing then. My concept was to build the same as in PoE1, but having longer cast times and with the party composition I was planing on priest would be the only healer, so it's probably better to focus him on healing/buffing and get others to DPS or even switch to Lifegiver Druid. Thanks guys!
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