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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to tweak Cipher a bit for the turn-based mode. Specifically, I'm trying to make Mental Binding an instant cast, and Borrowed Instinct a Free Action (so you could attack at the same turn). I have tried changing CastSpeedID and RecoveryTimeID from attacks.gamedatabundle to that of Arcane Veil, but that didn't' do the trick. For starters, which values should I modify to change the casting time of Mental Binding?
  2. Can a kind soul wit the magic Photoshop / GIMP touch can create a portrait out of these? I'm trying my best in the meantime but it's not going very well for me, lol
  3. I just started this build and judging by its performance in the prologue (POTD Upscaled) it's freaking awesome. For the fighter subclass I chose Black Jacket, and for the chanter subclass I chose troubadour. Chanters are probably one of the best casters in turn-based mode since there's almost no casting time and in level 1 you can get a powerful Stun AOE, which makes enemies skip their turn. With troubadour you pretty much get two chants per turn and two invocations at the end of each turn. With the Black Jacket I get extra weapon slot and the ability to switch to a defensive setup when necessary for free. All enemies are weak to at least one damage type, so that makes this build very versatile. I just started but would like to hear some suggestions on how I can refine this build. Which items / weapons, potions, chants.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking dumping Resolve a bit is a safer bet since Mages have plenty of spells that can mitigate the Deflection loss.
  5. Hi, I just got back to playing this awesome game. I have created a SC Blood Mage with low Might (6 overall), balanced Resolve, and everything else is High. My spells don't do much damage overall, but I can spam them pretty often. I did some testing with other characters at an early level, and with a high Might stat they die pretty quick. A few questions. I'm guessing Might affects Blood Sacrifice, but is there anything else? Second question, is there a way to mitigate the damage loss from low Might?
  6. Mostly role-playing reasons and the Pale Elf bonus to armor is always good. Fighting Spirit would work best though, that's true. Why leave Con at 10? The higher it is the longer I can stay Bloodied and not Near Death.
  7. Race: Pale Elf / Wood Elf Stat spread: Might 8 + 2 from Berath's Blessings + 1 Gift from the Machine Constitution 13 + 2 Berath Blessings + 1 Rauatai +1 from Permanent potion Dexterity 15 + 2 Blessings + 1 from Devil of Caroc sacrifice in POE1 + 1 Elf Perception 18 + 2 Berath Blessings + 1 Elf Intellect 18 + 2 Berath Blessings Resolve 5 + 2 Berath Blessings, I don't want to drop Resolve so much because I'll still be in the frontline, and with drugs or items I can reach 11 without problem. Can I get away with those stats? Grimoires: Ninagauth's Teachings and Llengrath's Martial Masteries so I can waste more skills on Rogue passives. Weapons: dual daggers, probably. Until Spirit Lance. Swift provides you with an engagement immunity? Hmm, this is one more way I can reach the Bloodied phase and also get out quick should things go bad. Good idea, this one should also counter the Blood Mage debuff for Bloodied defenses. Although I thought about Devil of Caroc armor for the Recovery Time bonus and +2 Power Pool.
  8. So I'm looking to build a blood mage wizard multiclassed with a Streetfighter. I'm led to understand Con is a very important stat for a Streetfighter which is a stat I usually dump. Which stat is safe to dump? Ideally I want to max Intellect and Perception, and maybe some Dexterity as well. Is Might important for a Streetfighter with Sneak Attack + Bonus damage against Mind afflictions? What are good spell to help me survive the Bloodied phase? Llengrath's Safeguard + Displaced Image + Spirit Shield + Ironskin should really help but do they all stack? I'm thinking staying Ranged at the beginning of combat, then Blood Mage to bloodied, buff spells and charge in. At least till I get the Spirit Lance. Is this a viable strategy / build? Difficulty will be POTD Upscaled.
  9. Played for a while and it does work very well with Scordeo's Trophy recovery time enchantment. It's -15 Accuracy too but I actually gain focus faster because I'm not dual wielding yet. Keep thinking this would work better as Streetfighter but the blunderbuss has friendly aoe and low range, and I haven't found a way to apply Flanked on myself without going to the front line.
  10. So after playing the build for a while and some testing I figure Hunting Bow modal is the way to go. For some reason the modal for the Hunting Bow has -50% Recovery Time with Hunting Bows and only -15 Accuracy penalty which can be easily offset by buffs and enchantments. Is that from the community patch? I searched the notes and didn't find it. I get Ascended a LOT and very fast, too. By the way, does anyone know about this: It's +1 Dexterity + some great armor. Guns still felt very slow, even with Swift Strikes and 20 Dex. Not sure if reload is affected by Action Speed or not.
  11. Can you still get it in Neketaka if you sacrifice her in the Blood Pool in PoE1? Edit: Can confirm. It's there.
  12. The Long Pain has a pretty big range and it should benefit from Two Weapon Style. Basically you can punch enemies from afar and do it pretty fast, too. Alright, I will try the blunderbuss first instead of bow.
  13. Alright, this is the planned build. I have some doubt over skills. I think that when Ascended I want to spam damage spells and some CC as fast as possible. Level 1Soul Shock/ Swift Strikes Level 2 Lingering Echoes ?? Level 3 Two-handed for bow or Two weapon style Level 4 Draining Whip / Dance of Death Level 5 Recall Agony Level 6 Mental Binding Level 7 Secret Horrors or Soul Ignition / Swift Flurry Level 8 Soul Mirror Level 9 Duality of Mortal Presence Level 10 Mind Lance / Enduring Dance Level 11 Thunderous Blows Level 12 ??? Level 13 Borrowed Instinct / Uncanny Luck Level 14 Rapid Casting Level 15 Ringleader Level 16 Disintegration / The Long Pain ?? Level 17 Amplified Wave Level 18 The Empty Soul Level 19 Stasis Shell or Ancestor's Memory / The Pain Persists Level 20 Echoing Horror Thoughts?
  14. Right! I forgot about Disintegration, It's been a while since I have played a Cipher character. By the way I'm also playing with the Community Patch, which tempts me to take Biting Whip instead of Draining Whip for the raw damage, it's probably not worth it though. I thought about Streetfighter but the Distracted -5 Perception and Flanked status (-10 Deflection) sounds way to big for me. With the same stat spread I'll have almost no Deflection early on. Too much babysitting for me to handle. Hmm, blunderbuss you say. Personally I thought about the Hunting Now modal which gives -15% Action Speed in exchange for Accuracy and this way I can dish damage a lot faster when Ascended fades. Guns in general feel slow for me because of the reload time (which isn't affected by Action Speed, correct me if I'm wrong). Wait, since when you can Respec base stats in this game? Did I miss something?
  15. I've tried Ascendant and Trickster first but while I really liked the defenses from Trickster I couldn't generate focus fast enough to ascend even with Draining Whip, so fights got drawn out a lot. I'm going ranged and Hearth Orlan as a personal choice and due to Helwalker being so squishy. This is my stats spread: Might 15 + Living Lands 1 + 2 Berath Blessings Constitution 5 + 2 Berath Blessing Dexterity 18 + 2 Berath Blessing Peception 16 + 2 Hearth Orlan + 2 Berath Blessing Intellect 16 + 2 Berath Blessing Resolve 5 + 2 Berath Blessing Is Might a waste on Helwalker? Any pro advice on how to overcome Helwalker squishness, especially early on? Maybe drop some might to Constitution? I know that with Duality of Mortal Presence - Mind and Salvation of Time I can really prolong the Ascendant status. Any other tips on how to prolong further? How viable is skipping Lesser Wounds with Helwalker until level 9-10? Any input would be much appreciated.
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