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  1. Hypothetically, wouldn't the same premise of pre-rendered images with effects simulated on top of them apply to a game like Resident Evil 1 remake, which loads perfectly fine? I know that they're completely different engines, but I've seen this type of terrible loading and other bugs happen in numerous isometric RPGs on console made by different developers.
  2. This is very disappointing. I actually pre-ordered torment tides of numenara for the PS4 and it had pretty similar problems, I even reviewed it by listing the numerous activities I could complete during each load screen and completely lost confidence in inexile, especially with it being my first game from inexile. I vowed to never pre-order games ever again. I was hoping that the PS4/Xbox release might prop POE 2 up some more, but I'd say it'd be pretty unrealistic to assume that most people who are new to the series or to POE 2, at least, and are trying it for the first time on consoles are g
  3. I just hope Obsidian doesn't give up on making RTwP cRPGs like POE... I mean, I know that we have evidence that they are making another one (despite Sawyer's denial), but during such a reemergence of this type of game, the thought of them giving up is downright frightening for me. I didn't play isometric RPGs in the 90s because I was just a little kid - I played Fallout Tactics when I was like 11 and then played Fallout 1 and 2 but didn't even know of Icewind Dale or anything. It was POE 1 that really got me into the genre in 2017. I absolutely love the style and writing and combat and armor+w
  4. TB may allow for that but as you alluded to, any military strategist can plan their strategies on a board down to the finest detail, only for unexpected variables and the rigors of chaos to take precedence and throw everything into upheaval. Like you said, I like for crazy things to happen in my battles lol and to quickly react to the mess that unfolds. Combat with RTwP is really fluid and potentially hectic and that's what I prefer, it's just so much more exciting. I don't see how I could ever prefer a battle against trash mobs artificially taking forever like in turn based, when I could tear
  5. I've been staying updated on Black Geyser for a while, and I'll take a look at The Dark Eye right now. Also, keep in mind that the makers of Pathfinder Kingmaker announced a few weeks ago that they're working on an indirect sequel with updated graphics and mechanics, if you haven't heard about it already.
  6. Uggh, ever play red light green light when you were in elementary school? This combat system sounds like that.
  7. Wayyyy more immersive and I completely understand what you mean when you say it's an actual battle. For instance, with RTwP the typical combat experience my party may run into could be relatively short depending on how well I'm playing it, but when an epic battle pops off it feels very natural. The first time I took on the Kraken in POE 2, it took, idk, at least 10 minutes to beat him and I was soooo excited and happy once I did. The feeling I get after an epic battle with RTwP reminds me of how I feel when I beat a boss in Dark Souls - like I want to jump up (and a lot of times I do) in enthu
  8. Yeah, I can do that too essentially with RTwP by slowing combat to its slowest setting or pausing more consistently. I hate having to wait a bunch of turns until I can control my main character, while enemy AI runs away each turn and I have to chase them down spending action points, hit them once, and then wait a couple minutes until I have a chance to strike at them again (for example). It's absurd and feels as though it belongs strictly in the 90s with the amount of time it unnecessarily eats up compared to alternative combat systems.
  9. So it looks like Temple of Elemental Evil has some very nice graphics for 2003. I suppose I should ask if there are any other games from around the same time that have roughly the same quality, if not better obviously, graphics as ToEE but that are RTwP? Apparently Sword Coast Legends has been pulled from gog and steam and I can't find it anywhere....
  10. I'll be sure to check out Tower of Time. I really don't care about coop or multiplayer, so as long as the single-players good, that's good for me lol.
  11. To be honest, I think that turn based is more popular because it tends to be easier and simpler for casuals and inexperienced players. I mean, I think turn based was fine a long time ago before more streamlined systems, like RTwP were really solidified (which, of course, was a long time ago too) but I really see no reason for turn based to dominate the markets now. I mean, with RTwP if there's 3 enemies, I can wipe them out in 30 seconds and be done with it, but with turn based it can take like 5 minutes plus - it's absurdly monotonous, unnecessary, bogged down and repetitive. I want to have f
  12. Does anyone know if Sword Coast Legends is any good? I read that it's RTwP and I REALLY prefer RTwP over turn based.
  13. Alright, it sounds pretty damn good. I'll get Spellforce 3 right now since its on a good sale on steam then go for Soul Harvest afterwards. I've got a lot of experience with the Total War series and some experience with RTS, so that portion shouldn't be hard. Then I always play cRPGs on hard+. Thanks!
  14. So is Spellforce 3 game more cRPG, more RTS, or an even balance of both?
  15. I have looked at Spellforce, but the quick combat without RTwP through me off a bit (not a fan of turn-based in modern games but I absolutely love RTwP). What sort of fashioning would I have to do to make it effectively RTwP and also how long is the game? Also, is the RTS part more like a typical RTS where you have to build things and farm resources in real time, or is it more like the Total War series, where you're basically just going real time for battles?
  16. Hmm, already have it. I have poe 2, poe 1, tyranny, pathfinder kingmaker, atom rpg, divinity 2, torment tides of numenara, wasteland 2, and a couple others I think.
  17. As the title states, and I own POE 2, POE 1, and Tyranny from Obsidian sooo I hope that this doesn't cross some line of conflict of interest in the case there's some rule against it. Anyways, I've got a rather long vacation at hand and I was wondering if anyone could list some cRPGs (especially ones that haven't received a ton of mainstream attention) for me made, say, since 2010? I've done tons of google searches, but it seems like their algorithm is biased towards counting cRPG as RPG. Thanks!
  18. I really don't know what RPG you could've played lately that has better writing and world-building than POE. And don't say dos, lol, their writing and world-building is a joke. The game itself is elementary and casualized to the point anyone can play it and win.
  19. Oh yeah, the digsite is really one of the first tests on whether your party is any good, at least from my experience. I was expecting a huge, difficult fight when I went to it on my current playthrough, but it was surprisingly easy to win. I set myself (swashbuckler) and my paladin on the ramp to keep the enemy from getting up to my musketeer and priestess, and summoned a ghost-heart wolf to run around and bite the dragon while my musketeer and priestess shot it to death from afar. I think I must've just gotten lucky though, because every other time that I've fought at the digsite, it was a ro
  20. One thing that should have been retained is reputation. In POE1 I was renowned for my cruelty, and it's taken some time, but I've built it back up to max level in POE2.
  21. On my current playthrough (since I sacrificed eder in POE1 and robbed/murdered xoti lol), I fought on Gorecci Street with my own swashbuckler, a custom made musketeer and a wael priestess and paladin that I hired at the tavern. It was pretty hard with a party of three until I created the musketeer, but he made the fight a lot easier. The hardest fight I've had on my second play through has been obtaining a certain piece of awesome looking armor in the Forgotten Sanctum at level 11 - it took 3 or 4 tries and some coral snuff to win the battle.
  22. *sigh* I just watched the game awards and Disco Elysium got two awards and tons of attention. I watched the Xbox game show and saw Wasteland 3 getting tons of attention. Does anyone else feel disappointed with how these and other cRPGs are getting all of this attention, yet such a master at the genre - Obsidian - isn't showing anything? Erhmm... well, uh, there's Grounded, of course... I feel like Obsidian could stomp the competition straight into the dirt, especially in what seems to be a significant reemergence and spotlight on the genre.
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