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  1. Mind blowing that only 4 people have done that so far. I'm still on my first Normal playthrough. Anyway, on a totally different and far more basic note, when the game says "beneficial effects" what exactly does that refer to? Would a summoned weapon count? I'm guessing something like Infuse With Vital Essence (Fit and Smart) would count since it has those bracketed keywords, but what about something without such keywords like Merciless Gaze (15% of hits = crits)? In short, given how games normally work, I'd guess that not all effects that are beneficial (e.g. summoning a weapon) are with
  2. I'm only playing on Normal but if this is the fight I think it is, in Port Maje, then yeah I agree. You don't have enough skills/spells to manage what's being thrown at you. Later encounters may be harder on paper but you have more means to cope. Someone above mentioned the thing in the Sacred Stairs with the constructs. That also stood out to me, the fight took me ages, but we were in a position where I took out the kith character early and then it was just keeping Eder alive while slowly doing damage to the constructs. I had no lightning damage available so had to use certain scrolls, Plague
  3. I suppose it's a new place so they don't remember you for your amazing acts of cruelty in this place - and also, surely it's fun to terrify them all into fearing you again.
  4. It's not a direct continuation - like for example Fellowship to Two Towers - but there is a general continuation in terms of returning characters and concepts. You play as the same character if you import your character, although you remake them from scratch at the start. You could choose to be the same class but you don't have to. Either way, narratively, you're the same Watcher that did all that stuff in PoE1.
  5. Is Rapid Casting worth it in turn-based? What''s the exact thing it'd do to, say, a spell with a cast time of 5? Not sure about the maths, let alone if it's worth taking that passive.
  6. Is it actually on there, the full thing? I don't have iOS so I can't check. Seems like it might just be a teaser.
  7. I'll try that for the other problematic encounters. What I did in the end for Lord Admiral Imp was... make like a pirate and cheat. I used this mod to make it so you can use console cheats without turning off achievements then used the "giveitem item_quest_head_imp" console command to give myself the bounty's head without having to kill him.
  8. For the record, this is still broken. I have the fan patch off the Nexus too and sadly that doesn't fix this either. Did anyone figure out a workaround other than just not doing the affected quests? For me the civilians get scared straight away, before I've clicked a single thing. I've tried with no one around but people still wander into battle or even appear out of thin air. No auras on anyone, no Paladin in party. I've tried having all of my party on the jetty apart from Edér who initiated the conversation with Lord Admiral Imp.
  9. Thanks for all the responses, it helps a lot. One thing I just realised I should've said before; I'm playing in turn-based mode. Does that change any of the advice above? I've noticed the duration of things, at least in turn-based, doesn't have the blue highlightable text which you'd normally get if it can change based on your stats. For example, Eldritch Aim says it lasts for 1 round and it looks like that's a set thing. If it doesn't go above that, that seems terrible (even though it's a free action, it's still taking up a per-battle cast).
  10. I'm going to do a single class character for my first playthrough. I wanted to do a Spellsword, I didn't even realise initially there's a Spellblade dual class. So how viable to be a pure Wizard and focus on the Conjurer spells to summon weapons, augmented with the odd spell from other schools? And yeah, I know Josh says everything is viable in PoE, but there's viable and then there's scraping by barely after every fight. If so, any suggestions for the starting stats? It's hard to pick. It seems like Intellect isn't that important since it doesn't appear to affect how long your things ar
  11. Ah right. I heard you start at level 1 again but assumed it kept the class but obviously it would be the PoE2 version of that class. Well that's cool. Thanks for the reply.
  12. So I've about to finish PoE1 and bought PoE2 and its DLC in advance. I'm really looking forward to importing my character and seeing the various references and things that change. The thing is, though, as much as it was a fun experience the first time in PoE1, I don't want to go all through the sequel as a Priest again. It made a nice change being a support class but I was basically playing as a buff/healbot with high Dex and didn't feel like my character was all that involved. Is there any way to import your save but remake the character itself from scratch? I know you can create a histo
  13. Yeah. I had it with this model. It was pretty creepy. Have you had enemies stretching and skewing really weirdly as well? I've had slimes expand to fill the screen while going transparent. I was just watching this guy on YouTube play and this funny thing happened with Itumaak: https://webmshare.com/PxJj0
  14. I'm pretty sure the combat log doesn't go far back. I recognise and respect you as someone a lot more experienced with the game than I am, but whenever I've checked the log, it runs out of info pretty soon. As for the point about Sawyer, it brings me to a point I've had for a while about RPGs. There are two extremes on a spectrum. One is the idea that things should make obvious sense (e.g. Dex makes an archer do more damage, Str is useless for a mage because what does magic have to to with Str, but it's really good for warriors). The other is that, regardless of how it seems to make sense, it
  15. Hey, Pallegina isn't ugly! But the Godlike have great uses for certain builds, the Moon Godlike seems to be the best for Barbarian, according to a certain build on these forums that I'm a big fan of. That build in particular can solo PotD, so it's not like the helmet thing is a meaningful drawback there.
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