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    Astrophysics, anthropology and almost anything in between: music composition, listening and performance; Reading almost anything from non-fiction to fantasy/sci-fi to literature and poetry; Writing both fiction and poetry; PnP roleplaying games, in particular, D&D 3.5, Traveller, Paranoia, WFRP 2nd edition (the list goes on); Computer games!!; some sport (Australian Rules Football).


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  1. Is it possible to trigger disengagement attacks from push/pull abilities? For example, My tank as an enemy engaged and my cipher successfully casts Amplified Thrust, pushing the enemy away. Would this trigger a disengagement attack? Cheers.
  2. Yep. Your normal game will stay the same. There have beem some balance changes to class abilities that will affect everyone, however. You should be fine, though.
  3. Hey, just reporting a Crash to Desktop. I just finished raiding The Early Muster, looked through some inventory and character screens, then pressed the button to go to the boat, like walk around it like map. The game then Crashed to Desktop. Attached are the logs, etc. TheDogProfessor_GameCtD.zip
  4. Melbourne, Australia. It is 3.12 AM and I'm reloading GOG every 30 seconds waiting for the download to become available.
  5. Check some of the earlier threads anout multiclass options. The ciphers seem to be quite popular and have been talked about a lot. You should be able to find some useful info.
  6. I'm so excited for the soundtrack! It is a large, important carriage on my hype train! Toot toot!
  7. This is how I'm planning on running Eder. A swashbucklering thug with Saber and dagger or maybe a hatchet. EDIT: What's the hatchet modal?
  8. I played PoE on PotD as a Ranger with the Bear companion. To me, it seems like the reduced party size makes the Ranger more powerful. An extra body is more useful the fewer bodies you have.
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