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Found 21 results

  1. Context: I've been using DALL-E mini since it's been popular this past week, and I noticed that the image resolutions(256x256) are surprisingly close to portrait resolution(210x330). I slopped together a quick test. AI Example (generated by DALL-E mini): Disregard the PoE1. That's just what I had installed at the moment. I didn't bother refining the portrait much. Only spent like 10 min on all this to prove how quick it can be. In the forums, custom portraits are something I see come up fairly often, so I'm wondering why no one here ever considered neural networks to do it for them. I haven't seen anyone ever suggest it, and I just searched for anyone too. Hell I made an account just to post this. I guess it is pretty recent tech though. I've been watching different AI/neural network stuff for the past couple years. There's been some pretty impressive leaps in general from the last year alone (And just wait until next year and the year after!). (To the mods--Wasn't sure if this'd get buried under the main portraits thread or whether the AI stuff is directly relevant to it, so new topic it is. I hope that's okay)
  2. There's an awful lot of requests for watercolour versions of portraits in the portraits thread, and I figured that it wouldn't hurt to at least throw an alternative to asking other people out there, whether anyone uses it or not. For this process, you need: The GIMP (https://www.gimp.org) I'm using version 2.8.14, so some things might look different, but hopefully not. A non-circular brush for the GIMP. I think the Acrylic 1 brush that I use comes standard, but I could be wrong A little bit of patience and willingness to experiment It'd probably help to have a portrait handy too A canvas background, provided by Obsidian: What you don't need: Any artistic ability whatsoever Even that steady a hand, really For the tutorial, I wanted to use a portrait more similar to actual artwork than the disparate screenshots I used to make my own portraits. After much deliberation, I settled on this piece, Druid in Green, Druid in Blue, by Isriana: (Original: https://isriana.deviantart.com/art/Druid-in-Green-Druid-in-Blue-558904387) We're going to be portrait-ing the druid in blue, in this case. She's obviously a Pale Elf, it works. The first step, obviously, is to open up the image in the GIMP. If you're working with the original (recommended), crop it to a squareish area that contains definitely every part of the image you want to use. I think the best practise here is to zoom in a little bit more for the regular portrait, then out a bit for the watercolours, so the sides of the head are (ideally) not "hanging off" the sides of the watercolour. Secondly, if you need to, now's a good time to crop the image for your main portraits. Remember, the sizes are 210×330 for the _lg one, and 76×96 for the _sm one. ... Now revert to the original image. Create a duplicate layer (it's the image of the stacked photos on the layer dialogue, or right click and select it). This is what I call the "Blur Layer." In short, we need to blur the original picture a bit; watercolours are not super great on fine details, and we can almost see Ms. Druid's pores here. Also, it helps for the next layer we're going to make. So, go to Filters->Blur->Selective Gaussian Blur and set the settings hereabouts. Specifically, you want a Blur Radius relative to the size of the image (something huge and detailed needs a higher blur radius, whereas you can probably drop it to 8 if the image is already portrait-sized). Also, set the Max Delta high, and slowly reduce it bit by bit until the facial details are good and visible. You don't want them to be sharp, but you should be able to make out the character's eyes in good detail. After setting that up, duplicate the Blur layer as before, twice. The top layer we'll call the Edge layer, for reasons that will become obvious. The middle layer we'll call the Watercolour layer, as that's the one that'll be doing all the "work" once we get to it. You can hide the Background layer, if you want to. We're done with it. First we'll work on the Edge layer, since it gives a good foundation for the next step. go to Filters->Edge-Detect->Edge and mess with the settings a bit. On my other pictures, the Robertson projection looked best. Here, I settled on the Laplace projection. In either case, you want the "Amount" to be about 4. The main thing you're looking for is maximum detail along the natural lines of the picture. Once that's done, invert the picture (Colors->Invert) and set the layer blend mode (located near the top of the Layer window) to Multiply. Set the opacity to somewhere around 85%, whatever looks best. Your lines might also look overly... loud. Go to Colors->Hue-Saturation and adjust the Saturation of the Edge layer to ~-40, or whatever looks best. Okay, so what sorcery was that? Well, We used Edge to get nice, sharp lines, but it made the whole picture look like a still from Take On Me, if Take On Me was a psychedelic rock opera. We set the blend mode to Multiply, which multiplies the pixel values of the layer below by the pixel values of the layer you're on to determine what the result looks like. Because we inverted the image first, most of the pixels were just being multiplied by 100%. The ones that were not were the lines. Because the lines tend to come out as highly saturated colours, we reduced that to make them look more grey. So in the end we were multiplying the pixels we want to be the lines by almost-black (or close to 0% across the board), making all their numbers, well, almost-black. Oh, and messing with the opacity of the layer just makes the effect less extreme. It's... a bit of a mess to explain colours in mathematical terms. Hopefully it's still clear. Multiply by almost zero, get almost zero. Next up we're tackling the Watercolours layer. First, invert it like we did the Edge layer (Colors->Invert). Then, set the blend mode to Dodge. Next, set up your brush: Make sure you're on the Paintbrush tool, completely black colour (#000000), set the brush type to something non-circular (Acrylic 01 is the name of mine, and I'm pretty sure it comes standard with the GIMP) and the brush opacity to something very low, like 7%. Make sure the size is something comfortably high; we're going to be stroking it broadly across the picture, so you don't have to be shy here. (my brush size there is 60, but I wound up going with something like 190) Next up, start brushing and watch the magic happen. The colours should slowly begin to emerge as you brush. Essentially what you're doing here is brushing away the watercolours layer, allowing the Blur layer below to shine through. It gives you those nice, pale colours that resemble watercolours in a pattern that looks more or less brushed by hand. This is after a couple brushes. You kind of have to use your best judgment on when to stop, unfortunately. There's no way to automate this. When you're done brushing the Watercolours layer, you should ultimately end up with something that looks simpler and lighter than the original image. Then comes the rather hellish part. You need to cut the character out of the background. I probably should have mentioned that you can do this part at the start, and it often works more easily then. You have to leave in some background around the character to get the Edge filter to pick up the edges of the character properly, so you still have to partially cut them out of the background after, but it's possible to cut it close enough that you don't have to, yet still get the hard edges. Ultimately, it's largely up to the image itself whether it'll work. Anyway, right-click inside of the layer window and select "New from Visible," then hide all the other layers. Make sure the new layer has an alpha channel (right click it and see if "Add Alpha Channel" is greyed out), and if not add one. Switch to the Eraser tool, and decide whether you're going for the soft, round brush (called "2. Hardness 050" in the GIMP) or the same brush you used for the Watercolour layer. The soft brush is good for giving you a more gradual edge, which can look better on the finished product, but the acrylic brush gives a more naturalistic edge. Again, best judgment. Remove everything but the character themselves, and don't worry about the details on the outer edges of the image (remember, we're only using a small subset of the whole thing, in the end). You'll probably have to adjust your brush size (and opacity, perhaps) more than once before you're done. Once you're done, CTRL+C the image and open up your canvas background as a new image. Paste the image on as a new layer (CTRL+V, then right click "Floating Selection (Pasted Layer)" in the layers background and pick "To New Layer"). Mess with it as needed. I don't really know how the actual images will translate into the game (since I'm not in the beta or anything) but I think you want them to basically fill the middle of the image. Here's where the next bit of Best Judgment™ comes into play. Sometimes the image looks fine when you paste it in. You can just call it a day there. In my case here, the lines were a little bit indistinct around the edges, and the colours are a little too bright (in the base image, too, I think) to really work as-is. Here's what I did: Make two copies of the layer. The middle copy is in Normal blend mode, but really low in opacity (like 25%, tops). The top layer is Multiply, because we need the picture to look nice and clear on the darker background. Set the opacity to something high, like 85%. The bottom layer is the foundation, set to Burn at 100% opacity. At this stage, basically anything goes. Mess with adding more layers, experiment with blend modes, hue/saturation, whatever. Once you're happy with it, resize the whole image (Image->Resize or else it just does the one layer) and set it to 90×141 for the _convo image, and then crop and resize to 76×96 for the _si image. Thankfully, you can avoid a lot of fine-tuning just off of how small the final pictures are. ... It's not as good as drawing them by hand, but doing this by hand is not even close to being an option for me, so finding a solution that requires as little of that as possible was a priority. If anything I did (or the reason for doing it) was unclear, please let me know in the topic and I can either answer there or amend the original post. Hopefully this gets more people doing their own watercolour portraits so there's plenty for the game's release on Tuesday!
  3. As the title says, I'd like to change my character portraits hair colour to better reflect my character in the game. I've tried changing it in gimp by following tutorials to minor success but it just doesn't look quite right. If somebody could do me a solid and change my portrait's hair colour from lightish green to darkish red like in the screenshots provided that would be awesome. It's really getting under my skin not having a portrait that matches my character. ;_; Surely you understand. P.S If it's not too much to ask could the eye colour also be changed from green to gold? It would mean a lot to me.
  4. Jason Seow was one of the portrait artists for Pillars 1, and he made a number of additional character portraits that weren't officially included in the game. They're available for download here http://www.jasonseow.com/poeportraits/ , and I'd like to update them with watercolor counterparts so they can be properly used in Pillars 2. I've sifted through both of the other Portrait threads and gathered what ones have already been made. I'll maintain a list of what ones lack watercolor iterations so they can be downloaded piecemeal until people with the means and talent put the others together. Once they're all complete I'll make a cohesive .zip with the full color portraits for people to use. In the mean time, here's the list. COMPLETE Eothasian Paladin Female Death Godlike Female Moon Godlike Female Ocean Human Female Wild Orlan Male Savannah Human Male Coastal Aumaua Lord Sawyer Male Death Godlike INCOMPLETE Frog-Helm Knight Male Ocean Human Female Savannah Human Male Grove Human 01 Male Grove Human 02 Update #1. Lord Sawyer completed courtesy of illathid. Update #2. Male Death Godlike completed courtesy of myself.
  5. I originally purchased POE when it was first release on the Mac App Store. I played about 60 hours and bought the definitive edition today from the Mac App Store for the White March Content. I put my save games into the folder where the new definitive version kept them and am able to continue my game, but the player's portrait is missing and just a gray box. The smaller version of the portrait (used in the inventory and lower left of game screen) is gray with a red question mark. There's an eye icon which will bring a little to select a portrait, but there's not way to actually choose a portrait. (see attached images) I've seen other have had this problem, but everything I've see are from user who've purchased POE from Steam and did something with the Steam app to fix it. I've not found anything regarding this from purchase through the Mac App Store
  6. Dear Obsidian Entertainment I'd like to report a bug that's been bugging (no pun intended) me for the past week. I realized that Ydwin's random events portrait looks out-of-scale compared to the other portraits. Is this a very common bug? Would you mind fixing this bug? Thank you for your time Sincerely A very loyal fan
  7. Edited my photo and made a pale elf out of myself! :D I used paint.net and its level slider, along with hue , contrast etc! The best I can do before I get my tablet back, but still! Pretty proud! How about you? Did you edit your portrait to fit into POE? Or made a drawing of yourself? If so, I'd love to see it! :D <3
  8. Now that the graphics are so much better why can't we have portraits be of the actual player model. I always hate having to choose a portrait that doesn't look like my character, so I would love if we could just take an in-game picture and have that as the portrait.
  9. Now that the graphics are so much better why can't we have portraits be of the actual player model. I always hate having to choose a portrait that doesn't look like my character, so I would love if we could just take an in-game picture and have that as the portrait.
  10. Hi ! I was wondering if I may ask for a favor... So I'll just throw it and see how it goes. Is it possible for you to get in touch with Kaz, to ask him if it's possible for him, to have this White/Blue Art above your head, implemented as a portrait ? Haven't got the chance to see it entirely yet ( )... but it seems to look absolutely gorgeous ! Or even quicker : Maybe posting an average High-Res picture of it ? So we can make a portrait of it by ourselves ? In fact, I'd like Kaz to implement it, because it would require a "water-colored" version of it aswell, to fit Scripted Interactions & Dialogues stuff though... Anyway, if you have the time & the possibility, a simple Image would make me really glad & eternally grateful ! Maybe others would like it aswell !
  11. One thing i would like is for obsidian to release the new main character portraits they have planned for POE2 to us early so we can use them on a POE 1 playthrough if we really like one of them. This is especially true with the new portraits having water color portraits because then it will make the transition easier if you were able to use a new standard portrait from POE2. Just a thought. Also I would like to see portrait faces reused with different hair, hair color, and facial hair in some circumstances. I know that may be to much work but it would be nice to have choices with character creation. Although now that i think about it. If i do wait for the new portraits until POE2 is released then i could potentially start a new run in POE1 when 2 is release and be finished by the time a lot of issue were resolved. hmm now i am torn.
  12. Hey everyone! I started playing Pillars of Eternity recently and I really wanted a custom portrait for my female moon godlike character. Last week I had some time on my hands so I painted this - I'm hoping that someone else will find this portrait useful as well. I've included a full res along with the large and small cropped portraits for in-game use. Alternatively you can just download the zip file (linked below) with the cropped portraits. Enjoy! <3 Here is what they look like in-game for those who may be curious: ZIP File Download: http://www.amegani.com/portraits/f_moongodlike_portrait.zip Installation Instructions: Extract all of the files from the zip folder. Navigate to the female player portraits directory in your Pillars of Eternity installation directory. In my case, the directory was C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\player\female . Place the two extracted images (the _lg and _sm versions) in that directory and start Pillars of Eternity. The portraits should now be available for you to use in-game. Tumblr Link - for those who would like to reblog from my original tumblr post. Cant EDIT: title changed at Amegani's request.
  13. Greetings, im new to this community, and new to the PoE. Just bought this game.... and im wondering why i didnt mention this game earlier. im a great fan of NWN, BG, etc. so this is a must have ! also, im in to Skyrim modding, so my first step was: checking out the install-dir of PoE. i found the portraits and prefered the blonde girl for my blonde medium. but oh damn, this portrait is reserved for Calisca. so i copied and renamed the files to PC-female and deleted it in companion. but in game, Calisca still has the original portrait !? now my question: does anybody knows, how i can change those portrait of followers, npcs and maybe player characters afterwards ? what did i wrong, that the change of Calisca didnt take place ? Embedding new character-portraits is quite easy: just put the .png-files in the according folder. thanks obsidian ! thanks all Gilgaladh
  14. It's impossible to pick a party member as destination for a spell by simply clicking on his/her portrait. Instead the area behind the portrait is chosen. Please correct that.
  15. Hi all! Extremely long loading (on hard tons of die and need always reload) and inventory access. 20-40 sec loading i5-4690, 780ti, win7x64, 8gbRAM
  16. Hello, everyone. As the title so bluntly puts it, I've just dowloaded the installer+preorder DLC item installers from the GoG website; the game installation ran smoothly and the game itself seems to play just fine. However, the portraits on the caracter creation menu are unavaliable (as marked by a big red question mark on the profile square) in all races and both genders. I have uninstalled the game and done a new installation from scratch on a different location in the same drive (to discard privileges problems), but the issue still persists. The art folder containing the subfolder portraits appears to be in perfect conditions as I can see all of them with my browser. Here are some screencaps of the issue. http://s27.postimg.org/l9ijkhoo3/ERTSJH.png http://s22.postimg.org/fupr8m5e9/Untitled.png http://s12.postimg.org/s4ipdiial/waesf.png I hope this is enough information to get a clear and swift solution out of this. Thank you in advance for your help. IcosahedronXIII
  17. Hi, just starting the backer beta again. I find it irritating that we still have this portrait selection. Clicking through and viewing one at a time is not a good design. By the time you get through all of them you forget what the earlier ones look like exactly, it makes it hard to compare and pick which one you like the most. Especially as they add more in, and you have a bunch of custom ones (which is quite popular with these games) A grid system would be much better. The ability to view them all at once, easily compare and then click what you like. Possibly even categorized into race in the grid. There is plenty of screen space on both sides on the character model to do this
  18. Ugh, want to make a poll but too lazy and can't think of anything right now. Harassed this thread about this for a bit, because I didn't want to make a topic on it. There's many ways for expression to take place in the game. A pixel can do a lot. Text, Animations, Voice and still pictures/portraits. All tools for a more "representative" experience of the expression the Companion (or your character) is doing. In the attachments below there are some Examples of what I'm flirting with. JRPG's and Anime use lots of "emoticon" stuff that might not completely belong in Project: Eternity (I'm personally not ruling it out, perhaps there is a way to make it super goed in a realistic and acceptable way). Should the Character portraits included with the game also have a facial expression when you are "Choosing"? Instead of a "Red Text: This is a Renegade choice" versus the "Blue Text: This is an Alliance choice" it would be choosing your Dialogue Choice 1 through 3 depending on the expression of your character. Does he look menacing when you want to choose "I'll gut your stomach and stomp on your flesh!" versus having a more serene smiling facial expression next to the "Hey how are you?" choice Thoughts? EDIT: Less voice-acting required as the bodily language is conveyed through the facial portrait expression, however it could reduce a few sentences of text in the Dialogue Log because the Writer wouldn't need to write the characters "expressions" every time.
  19. I cannot be the only one who hates this picture, because of the **** eating grin. http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/b/bb/Male-wood-elf-portraits.jpg
  20. So... there is some discussion here about the possibility of Justin Sweet joining Project Eternity, and some of the things we've mentioned in that thread have sparked an idea. First, the relevant posts: That portrait, at least to me, looks slightly inspired by the Icewind Dale style. I like it. Sure, and that supports the idea that we could have multiple artists creating portraits that share a basic style or feel to provide more variety and choice without things seeming too mix-n-matched. Indeed, as was the case with IWD I and II portraits, they were different, but shared a somewhat similar style. The idea: Have multiple portraits for each companion by different artists and build the capability to change portraits directly into the character or inventory screen. For example, after we recruit Sagani, we would be able to open the character or inventory screen and choose between the portrait released in Update 3, Kieran Yanner's take on Sagani, Justin Sweet's take on Sagani, etc. Each character could have a folder within the portrait directory where alternate player-added portraits could be placed to be selectable from the interface. To allow the player character, custom characters created at the Adventurer's Hall, and mod-added characters the same functionality, the feature could be programmed to check the portrait directory for a folder named after the currently selected character. If one is not found, it could default to the portraits available in the main portrait directory. If it would prohibitively expensive to create multiple portraits for each companion (or if funds are simply better spent on something else), would it be feasible to implement this feature but not the additional portraits (so that we can add custom portraits and be able to switch between them in-game)? The IE games allowed portrait additions and overrides, and this doesn't seem as if it would be much more complex... ? Thoughts?
  21. I know this won't be a full 3d game so my guess is that they won't have a 3d avatar cration tool like all recent crpgs as Dragon Age, Fallout NV, NWN2 etc... And, to be honest, I never liked to choose from pre-drawn for me portraits. So, I thought that maybe we could see a 2d avatar creator in game like this one: http://www.ageofgame...asy-avatar.html I believe it would be cool. What do you think?
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