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Found 20 results

  1. There's an awful lot of requests for watercolour versions of portraits in the portraits thread, and I figured that it wouldn't hurt to at least throw an alternative to asking other people out there, whether anyone uses it or not. For this process, you need: The GIMP (https://www.gimp.org) I'm using version 2.8.14, so some things might look different, but hopefully not. A non-circular brush for the GIMP. I think the Acrylic 1 brush that I use comes standard, but I could be wrong A little bit of patience and willingness to experiment It'd probably help to have a portrait handy too A canva
  2. As the title says, I'd like to change my character portraits hair colour to better reflect my character in the game. I've tried changing it in gimp by following tutorials to minor success but it just doesn't look quite right. If somebody could do me a solid and change my portrait's hair colour from lightish green to darkish red like in the screenshots provided that would be awesome. It's really getting under my skin not having a portrait that matches my character. ;_; Surely you understand. P.S If it's not too much to ask could the eye colour also be changed from green to gold? It wou
  3. Jason Seow was one of the portrait artists for Pillars 1, and he made a number of additional character portraits that weren't officially included in the game. They're available for download here http://www.jasonseow.com/poeportraits/ , and I'd like to update them with watercolor counterparts so they can be properly used in Pillars 2. I've sifted through both of the other Portrait threads and gathered what ones have already been made. I'll maintain a list of what ones lack watercolor iterations so they can be downloaded piecemeal until people with the means and talent put the others tog
  4. I originally purchased POE when it was first release on the Mac App Store. I played about 60 hours and bought the definitive edition today from the Mac App Store for the White March Content. I put my save games into the folder where the new definitive version kept them and am able to continue my game, but the player's portrait is missing and just a gray box. The smaller version of the portrait (used in the inventory and lower left of game screen) is gray with a red question mark. There's an eye icon which will bring a little to select a portrait, but there's not way to actually choose
  5. Dear Obsidian Entertainment I'd like to report a bug that's been bugging (no pun intended) me for the past week. I realized that Ydwin's random events portrait looks out-of-scale compared to the other portraits. Is this a very common bug? Would you mind fixing this bug? Thank you for your time Sincerely A very loyal fan
  6. Edited my photo and made a pale elf out of myself! :D I used paint.net and its level slider, along with hue , contrast etc! The best I can do before I get my tablet back, but still! Pretty proud! How about you? Did you edit your portrait to fit into POE? Or made a drawing of yourself? If so, I'd love to see it! :D <3
  7. Now that the graphics are so much better why can't we have portraits be of the actual player model. I always hate having to choose a portrait that doesn't look like my character, so I would love if we could just take an in-game picture and have that as the portrait.
  8. Now that the graphics are so much better why can't we have portraits be of the actual player model. I always hate having to choose a portrait that doesn't look like my character, so I would love if we could just take an in-game picture and have that as the portrait.
  9. Hi ! I was wondering if I may ask for a favor... So I'll just throw it and see how it goes. Is it possible for you to get in touch with Kaz, to ask him if it's possible for him, to have this White/Blue Art above your head, implemented as a portrait ? Haven't got the chance to see it entirely yet ( )... but it seems to look absolutely gorgeous ! Or even quicker : Maybe posting an average High-Res picture of it ? So we can make a portrait of it by ourselves ? In fact, I'd like Kaz to implement it, because it would require a "water-colored" version of it aswell, to fit Scripted I
  10. One thing i would like is for obsidian to release the new main character portraits they have planned for POE2 to us early so we can use them on a POE 1 playthrough if we really like one of them. This is especially true with the new portraits having water color portraits because then it will make the transition easier if you were able to use a new standard portrait from POE2. Just a thought. Also I would like to see portrait faces reused with different hair, hair color, and facial hair in some circumstances. I know that may be to much work but it would be nice to have choices with character
  11. Hey everyone! I started playing Pillars of Eternity recently and I really wanted a custom portrait for my female moon godlike character. Last week I had some time on my hands so I painted this - I'm hoping that someone else will find this portrait useful as well. I've included a full res along with the large and small cropped portraits for in-game use. Alternatively you can just download the zip file (linked below) with the cropped portraits. Enjoy! <3 Here is what they look like in-game for those who may be curious: ZIP File Download: http://www.amegani.com/port
  12. Greetings, im new to this community, and new to the PoE. Just bought this game.... and im wondering why i didnt mention this game earlier. im a great fan of NWN, BG, etc. so this is a must have ! also, im in to Skyrim modding, so my first step was: checking out the install-dir of PoE. i found the portraits and prefered the blonde girl for my blonde medium. but oh damn, this portrait is reserved for Calisca. so i copied and renamed the files to PC-female and deleted it in companion. but in game, Calisca still has the original portrait !? now my question: does anybody knows, h
  13. It's impossible to pick a party member as destination for a spell by simply clicking on his/her portrait. Instead the area behind the portrait is chosen. Please correct that.
  14. Hi all! Extremely long loading (on hard tons of die and need always reload) and inventory access. 20-40 sec loading i5-4690, 780ti, win7x64, 8gbRAM
  15. Hello, everyone. As the title so bluntly puts it, I've just dowloaded the installer+preorder DLC item installers from the GoG website; the game installation ran smoothly and the game itself seems to play just fine. However, the portraits on the caracter creation menu are unavaliable (as marked by a big red question mark on the profile square) in all races and both genders. I have uninstalled the game and done a new installation from scratch on a different location in the same drive (to discard privileges problems), but the issue still persists. The art folder containing the subfolder portrai
  16. Hi, just starting the backer beta again. I find it irritating that we still have this portrait selection. Clicking through and viewing one at a time is not a good design. By the time you get through all of them you forget what the earlier ones look like exactly, it makes it hard to compare and pick which one you like the most. Especially as they add more in, and you have a bunch of custom ones (which is quite popular with these games) A grid system would be much better. The ability to view them all at once, easily compare and then click what you like. Possibly even categorized into rac
  17. Ugh, want to make a poll but too lazy and can't think of anything right now. Harassed this thread about this for a bit, because I didn't want to make a topic on it. There's many ways for expression to take place in the game. A pixel can do a lot. Text, Animations, Voice and still pictures/portraits. All tools for a more "representative" experience of the expression the Companion (or your character) is doing. In the attachments below there are some Examples of what I'm flirting with. JRPG's and Anime use lots of "emoticon" stuff that might not completely belong in Project: Eternity (I'm
  18. I cannot be the only one who hates this picture, because of the **** eating grin. http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/b/bb/Male-wood-elf-portraits.jpg
  19. So... there is some discussion here about the possibility of Justin Sweet joining Project Eternity, and some of the things we've mentioned in that thread have sparked an idea. First, the relevant posts: That portrait, at least to me, looks slightly inspired by the Icewind Dale style. I like it. Sure, and that supports the idea that we could have multiple artists creating portraits that share a basic style or feel to provide more variety and choice without things seeming too mix-n-matched. Indeed, as was the case with IWD I and II portraits, they were different, but shar
  20. I know this won't be a full 3d game so my guess is that they won't have a 3d avatar cration tool like all recent crpgs as Dragon Age, Fallout NV, NWN2 etc... And, to be honest, I never liked to choose from pre-drawn for me portraits. So, I thought that maybe we could see a 2d avatar creator in game like this one: http://www.ageofgame...asy-avatar.html I believe it would be cool. What do you think?
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