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  1. This is indeed very strong in defenses. How is the Spell Damage? Its a big loss with the power-level and Might? If I keep the might in 14-15 with lower dexterity (and a bit of resolve drop) how this affect the tankiness and damage? Do you guys think is worth it?
  2. I feel the 2 spells per level too weak. If I dont kill all the enemy group with the first casts im ****ed. Really considering Multiclass as a stronger alternative for this reason
  3. Im playing with an Ascendant Nature Godlike. Do you know any spell or item that proc the racial buff? It forces me to keep in the party Teheku to spam the lvl 1 buff. And im considering if the Godlike is worth or not and maybe restart with a WoodElf Thx
  4. Then which class combination (or single) and weapons do you think is the better (at least in paper) Psyblade, Inquisitor, Witch, Blunderblusses, scepters, arquebuss...
  5. My doubts with Ascendant is if we can build focus fast enought with singleclass or is worth to multi with paladin or rogue (and pay with slower progression in spells and no-access to high level powers)
  6. I want to play a caster type Cipher, what do you think is better: Ascendant single class or multiclass with something like Rogue, Paladin, Devoted...
  7. Can you explai a little the build you are using? (at least the stat distribution) Thx mate!! Im interested in the Melee Cipher playstyle
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