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  1. I think original PoE 1 it was just open up with a Blunderbuss; is that still the best way to do it? Or does grabbing two fast weapons (pistols or wands?) and dual wielding for maximum attacks per second do a better job?
  2. So my PoE1 MC was a Cipher and I want to keep that going since I really liked the class. Starting out on my first PoE2 run-through, I'd like to stick to single class, and the Ascendant Cipher seems like a big powerhouse. I haven't played the beta at all, so I'm curious if it's as good as it looks. Also, wondering if I could get some PoE2 tips in general since I haven't seen any of the new combat changes yet. What's considered the best weapon for Cipher now? Looking at the Ascendant, it seems like I want to build as much attack speed as I can so I can get to max Focus as quickly as poss
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