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  1. Hey Guys and Girls! I've put together a post on everything we know about The Outer Worlds so far. We're hard at work putting together the Wiki for the game, and I've compiled as much information into one post here as we can, so that you can get a breakdown rather quickly. You can also check out this information on our blog here. The Game Awards surprised many with the announcement of The Outer Worlds: A single-player, first person RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and the creative team behind the original Fallout and Knights of the Old Republic II titles. With a distinct “This is the next
  2. Bullet time seems more in line with modern Action Games. Not a complete pause, some some skill still required. Cas
  3. I'd rather they don't waste time adding a third person if it takes resources away from other areas of the game. Polish is my priority. Cas
  4. This is the "Fallout" game everyone has been waiting for since New Vegas! I cannot wait! Cas
  5. Bummed about the no romance, but it is what it is. Cas
  6. Hey Adventures! I was busy playing the Beta over the past weekend and I was having difficulty sorting out my Build. Do I multiclass? do I single class? So I put together a short guide explaining the pros and cons of multiclassing. Many of these things you won't find out if you don't go look, and some are explained by the developers in their Dev Diaries, but if you missed them it can be overwhelming. So, without further ado, here is the guide: https://fextralife.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-multiclassing-guide/ If you prefer video, over reading, here is the YouTube link: http
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