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  1. Thanks for the reply. I figured it'd be a weaker build. I won't be playing POTD at least on the first time around so it should be fine. Hopefully ogre gets a buff somewhere down the line.
  2. I'm not going to be able to play Deadfire right away so I figured I would get some build advice before hand. As the title says I want to make a Bruce Banner/ Incredible Hulk based character with the scientist background and then Transmuter Wizard as my first class. I was hooked on Form of the Fearsome Brute as soon I heard about it. I know I won't turn green like the Hulk but a raging ogre is pretty great. As far as the actual stats I don't need a min maxed build. I'm more interested in the roleplay and having fun smashing stuff. I would like to multiclass. I think it's a really cool feature and I like the added versatility. I'm leaning towards streetfighter rogue because rogue is usually my favorite class in games and streetfighter should help the since I'd be right in the thick of the fight. I'm not set in stone on rogue though and am open to suggestions for other combos. I'd also like to have decent conversations stats if it can work with this build but I'm not sure how stat checks and dialogue work in this game compared to the first one. Thanks in advance.
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