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  1. Maybe old articles. Since the Hot and Hazy update you start with 2 and can upgrade to 5 active mutations.
  2. Knight, you are totally out of line. From a constructive conversation, the last message made this an aggressive and finger pointing thread which usually leads to nothing. I will stop answering here. With this tone and approach, the only answer I have is, play it on the easy mode.
  3. Maybe because I play the game since the demo version, I have a different point of view. I honestly think the game is easy and should be made harder. I read twice your comment and most of your struggles can be solved with game knowledge. I am not saying the game is perfect, far from there... There is still a bunch of things that should be optimized. Again, I would be glad to help and change your opinion if you make me objective questions. I don't want to speculate about your difficulties as other did on your Reddit post. Meanwhile... In November, I did a full run of the game in medium level while live streaming. It took me 12 hours to complete 100% of the game. My only struggle was the transition between Tier 1 to Tier 2 weapons as the new weapon system changed a bit the game progression. The way I solved it was leveling up my Insect Axe to level 5. A great tool / weapon to kill top tier creatures in the starting area of the game (+ a weevil shield). As the streams are quite long, I don't expect you to watch it, but in any case, here it is: Session 1: Session 2:
  4. Hi Knight, why do you think the game is hard? Are you stuck in a certain point? I think the game has a moderated level of difficulty as you complete all missions, but after that it becomes super easy.
  5. Mite Hat, Grub Vest and Aphid Slippers is the way to go. On mutations Natural Explorer, Buff Lungs and Cardio Fan.
  6. Hi MrSeriouscat, Yeah, it is totally worth it but it also comes down to personal choices and gameplay style. The video below explains everything you need to know about the Forged Upgrades and to what 12 top creatures are vulnerable.
  7. Hi Stonegate, A bunch of things have changed in this new patch. I posted 2 videos below in case you want an overview of it. Answering your questions: 1) Ladybug Armo Set: yes it has been nerfed. The passive HP regen, now, only works if you block an attack (doesn't need to be a perfect block). 2) Hunger and Thirst: your perception is correct. With the introduction of meals, survival indicators are decaying faster to push you to make and eat meals every ~10 hours of backyard time. Another solution, and that's what I did, was to level up my mutations to activate 5 mutations at once. This allows me to use Juicy Mutation which brings back the "old" balance to food decay. Let me know if I can help you in any other way.
  8. We are in the same boat buddy! Hahaha... I hope that in the future we can throw them in the Grinder and get something for it.
  9. Hey Lou, loved that you divided the suggestions by "authors", interesting the see what young girls and boys crave for. Must be an entirely different experience to play with kids, when I reviewed Grounded (one year ago), one thing I wrote was: "The game appeals to different generations, parents that grew-up watching 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' can easily connect with their kids that love building things". It is cool to see it happening. Happy gaming to your family!
  10. Klabauterman, There is a bunch of things to learn about Grounded. I started a series for Beginners but as the game is still in Early Access and a bunch of things are changing, I decided to wait a bit more. But here are some tips: Basics of the Game: Day 1 at the Backyard - What Should You Do First: After that, I would advice to go do the Hedge Lab Mission: How to Get to the Hedge Lab: Hedge Lab Mission Walkthrough: After that, I would advice to go do the Pond Lab Mission: After doing these missions, be sure to collect all Burg.L Chips and build your base close the Pond+Pink Juice box (best place in my opinion). Let me know if you have any other doubt, I will be happy to help.
  11. I messaged dozens of players to create a celebration montage for Grounded's first anniversary. 24 of them said yes and here is the result! Thanks guys and happy anniversary! https://youtu.be/Iizah2oyHxg
  12. With the Xbox Game Pass you can play it for free, as long as you keep paying it monthly. If you buy/pre-order the game (Microsoft Store, PS or Steam) you can play it as developers work on the game.
  13. Yes it is! Mystery Machine, The Hedge Lab and The Pond, these are the story quests. Now I would advice you to focus on unlocking all recipes and searching for all collectibles. Next update seems to be a story content update, let's keep our fingers crossed to that!
  14. Hi @WulleBulle, there are 3 story quest lines, you got 2 of them. The third one is activated when you dive to the Pond. The pond is north of the backyard, passed the Oak tree. If you have any doubts about the mission or want any extra help, this video may be of help.
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