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  1. With the Xbox Game Pass you can play it for free, as long as you keep paying it monthly. If you buy/pre-order the game (Microsoft Store, PS or Steam) you can play it as developers work on the game.
  2. Yes it is! Mystery Machine, The Hedge Lab and The Pond, these are the story quests. Now I would advice you to focus on unlocking all recipes and searching for all collectibles. Next update seems to be a story content update, let's keep our fingers crossed to that!
  3. Hi @WulleBulle, there are 3 story quest lines, you got 2 of them. The third one is activated when you dive to the Pond. The pond is north of the backyard, passed the Oak tree. If you have any doubts about the mission or want any extra help, this video may be of help.
  4. Hi @Joshua Hart, ziplines came right after I finished the highway. It is surely an faster building alternative. To scout and search for insects, I still prefer the highway as you can stop moving.
  5. @Egghead Ed, thanks for the compliments. About some Sca.Bs... They have been changing the backyard map a lot since the game release and more changes will come. So I am waiting we get closer to the 1.0 version of the game to fully update the list. Did you buy the Sca.b scanner from Burg.L? I recommend you get that.
  6. Hi @Egghead Ed and welcome to the community! There are 40 Sca.b Schemes to be found and every new content update they add some. At this link ( https://www.spygamereviews.com/grounded-quests-guide/#SCAB-Schemes-Locations-Walkthrough ) you can find the list of all of them and compare it with what you have already found. Beyond that, if you have any doubt about the game, let me know and I will try to help.
  7. Christmas is around the corner and to celebrate, I built a huge Grounded Christmas Tree. I wish you all a holiday full of and, if possible, with your families. Let’s spread the good vibes! tour video: +34hrs building process: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWC201D5JGIKjsWTep5ehZSVu2JCuvrLP #MerryChristmas
  8. Hey @Moeg, thanks! Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of time, as I built as the necessity came up. But I would say it took me between 10 to 15 hours. If your base is not close to the Oak Lab, I would start connecting them as you got the daily quests from BURG.L. Wanna help me with the name of the roads? Via the Reddit post we already came up with 2 road names: 1) Red Road: Wolf Spider Way (as there are 3 wolf spiders in the oak tree) 2) Orange Road: Weed Stem Highway (as Dandelions are hanging over the road and it's one of the most important resources of the game)
  9. Hey @Shyla, can we get some feedback and perspective on this? Thanks!
  10. I don't know buddy, maybe when they fix the whole thing the files you still have will sync correctly.
  11. @Shane Leadbetter, I tried to do that but in my case, files just appeared back as I reloaded the game. Next time, I advice you do make a backup of your saved files before deleting them.
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