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  1. I played Grounded for plus 25 hours, finished the story quests, explored the entire backyard, built my base, and killed all kinds of insects. Gameplay Overview Possibly inspired by the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", Grounded is a friend and family survival game that can be played solo or together with other 3 players. You will FIGHT TO SURVIVE from all dangerous a backyard can present. It is an open-world game with dozens of resources, insects, and secrets to learn about. For a big part of the gameplay, you will be collecting resources to craft, build, or cook things. As, the best you prepare, higher will be your success in exploration, quests, or combat adventures. The game comes with a SHORT CHAIN OF STORY QUESTS that when completed unlocks daily repeatable quests. But keep in mind, the core game is to learn how to survive and strive with what the environment offers. As most Early Access games, Grounded starts with a lot of bugs and glitches. Some have workarounds and some we will just need to wait for a fix. One truth Grounded share with most of the survival games is that, the more you learn, the easier the game gets. Early game challenges, like searching for food or water are replaced by thoughts of "how can I make my base look even better". Watch full review, click at this link. Read the full review, click at this link. Game review toplines: Grounded is a survival adventure game. You will explore, collect, build, and fight insects. It is in Early Access stage so you will need to work-around bugs and glitches. The story quests can be finished in less than 1 hour, after that you get repeatable daily quests. The game is a real promise for the survival genre. The price tag is fair for what the game offers. Happy to chat about it.
  2. I have killed a few as a solo player. The wolf spider has 2 attacks and a huge reach/range. The first attack she goes a little bit back and than forward, you need to parry when she comes forward. The second attack is a jump attack, you need to parry as she land. Quick tips: Never attack first Always attack after a block or parry Never throw more than 1 hit, unless she is stunned, than add one more hit Ant club or mint mallet are the best weapons Always stay really close to her or you won't be at the necessary range to take a hit Control your stamina, if depleted blocks won't work A good practice is to kill Orb weavers, their unique attack is really similar to the first attack of the wolf spider. Let me know if you have any question, happy to help.
  3. The tutorial is really short and basic. The game wants you to figure-out things with minimal help. I took the information below from my crafting guide, hope it helps you. Let me know if have any other doubt and we can try to figure it out together. Lean-To How to Unlock Collect Clover Leaf How to Craft 3 x Clover Leaf 2 x Sprig Where to find Resource(s) Clover Leaf: Chop Clover Sprig: Collect at the ground Pebblet Axe How to Unlock Collect Woven Fiber or Analyze Pebble How to Craft 2 x Pebblet 1 x Woven Fiber 3 x Sprig Where to find Resource(s) Pebblet: Collect at the ground Woven Fiber: Craft it Sprig: Collect at the ground
  4. @AndJrew76, all suggestions above will help you a lot, one of them mentioned the anthill. You can go in and out of the lab through the anthill. There is a bug going on (effecting me and others) that the door lab rests and lock itself. So the solution players found was to climb the anthill wall, I have been doing that over and over again, no wolf spiders for me. I made a video of it to help other players, even though your game is not bug, you can applied.
  5. Same here, it is a known bug. Just don't click at it.
  6. same here, no ant eggs. things I recall finding: bee armor, burg.l disc, scab and rs.
  7. Happened the same to me and I still didn't find a work-around, it is possibly associated to the Slime Mold Torch timing and we will have to wait for a fix.
  8. @SChin and @Shyla, I made a video on how to climb the anthill wall. The workaround for the Oak Tree Lab Door Locked bug, I was struggling with it yesterday. Maybe if anyone has the same problem, it could help them. Here is the link:
  9. @SChin how can you climb the wall at the end of the anthill. I tried to build stuff and it doesn't allow me.
  10. @Toxic it doesnt allow me to build inside the anthill. Just to be sure we are talking about the same place, as you go in, there are 3 ants in it. One alone and 2 at the end of the anthill, right?
  11. I had the same thought and it has been also posted at the game's subreddit. It is a logic change they should do in the next update.
  12. Raphalroh, I love to work in community, in fact last week I tried to reach out to one of the editor of fandom and had no luck. I don't know the fandom editing ways, but I can surely provide content with proper citations done. Check out whats my plan for the next fews weeks at this link: https://www.spygamereviews.com/grounded-dossier-complete-game-guide.html
  13. @ErusTenebrus, @E12052, I just finished 7 hours of gameplay and I am going to update the Guide during the night. At the demo, everything was unlocked by collecting or analyzing resources. At the game release, it changed. Some recipes need to be purchased with RS at the Robot.
  14. Hello guys, These past few weeks I worked on a Crafting Guide for Grounded. It is a work in progress as information is limited, but I think it can help all of us as new players. Other things I am working on and may be of interest: Game Review (will be ready after 25 hours of gameplay) Grounded Gallery (will be adding new things as Obsidian publish) And if you want to take a look at the future projects, here is the link. Have fun #tinies!
  15. @YooooooLago, happy I could help buddy! Today we start our tiny adventure, so excited about!
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