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  1. Hey Rohan, Even though there has been a lot of improvement in every area, the game is still buggy. If your friends are ok playing with some bugs, I would give a shot.
  2. @DonWaltonJr.I had the same problem and I think it is a game bug. Sometimes some insects just don't respawn, similar thing happen to me with the infected weevil. The current state of my game I have a good amount of Lady Bugs and I only kill them when I get the quest. My advice would be to abandon the quest and wait for devs patch this bug.
  3. I suppose you have the Microsoft version of the game as Steam version is really a direct thing. Go to the Microsoft Store App or website, search for Grounded and in that page you will find instructions to update it.
  4. It doesn't show but it is there. Same thing happens when you equip the acorn armor.
  5. My ants when back to the crazy behavior. good that when I could, I got +10 eggs. I am playing at PC and with Xbox Pass, what about you? Maybe the platform and game version (xbox or steam) can be playing a influence in it. One other thing I did and didn't mention because I am not sure if there is any influence, every spoiled meat or weevil meat I find, I grab to my inventory and trash it. It is a really annoying bug, not just because of the eggs, but the ants in my game are wandering as crazy predators, they chase the weevils and mites all around the backyard. Once I found 5 w
  6. I made it tiny boys and girls! Since the game release, ant eggs were a problem for me, they never spammed. I tried everything and nothing worked. Well, this time it did. I found a bunch of worker ants around weevil meat and killing weevils. So, I killed them all and looted them. Big mistake, nothing changed. The second time the ants spammed, I again killed them all and didn't loot their bodies. After 1 in-game day, work ants were back to the Anthill and ant eggs were there. So my advice if you are having the same problem, find where the group of ants is (10 to
  7. I got the same, there are 2 eggs at the ant hill and it's not possible to grab. Ants are still with a crazy behavior, gathering around spoiled meat. I play on pc. I killed loads of ants (worker and soldier) in an attempt to "reset" but didn't work.
  8. maybe you should "unquote" if you want to avoid people from reading it.
  9. I love the slingshot idea, it fits perfectly to the game concept and the teen vibe it has. The ideas of different kind of ammo is also really nice, hope they implement it in the future.
  10. Yes you can! I hope in future patches they give us the ability to name the saved games as it can get a bit confusing if you save multiple different games.
  11. I played Grounded for plus 25 hours, finished the story quests, explored the entire backyard, built my base, and killed all kinds of insects. Gameplay Overview Possibly inspired by the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", Grounded is a friend and family survival game that can be played solo or together with other 3 players. You will FIGHT TO SURVIVE from all dangerous a backyard can present. It is an open-world game with dozens of resources, insects, and secrets to learn about. For a big part of the gameplay, you will be collecting resources to craft, build, or cook thi
  12. I have killed a few as a solo player. The wolf spider has 2 attacks and a huge reach/range. The first attack she goes a little bit back and than forward, you need to parry when she comes forward. The second attack is a jump attack, you need to parry as she land. Quick tips: Never attack first Always attack after a block or parry Never throw more than 1 hit, unless she is stunned, than add one more hit Ant club or mint mallet are the best weapons Always stay really close to her or you won't be at the necessary range to take a hit Control your s
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