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  1. Update: did not know you had to go to Burgl first in order to get the raw science to spawn.
  2. Hey team! Just want to let you guys know Raw Science is not spawning when creating a new game. I've tried starting quite a few new games to see if I could get them to spawn in, but they never do. Every time right from spawn I run to the puddle next to the Mysterious Machine and its never there. On Steam Version PC.
  3. yeah the nats hideout in the Light over there in the spider web. they pick up the nectar around there. If you shoot a gas arrow up there they will all die. there's tons hiding in that light.
  4. yeah i have the steam version. I play with a friend who has the Xbox One S as the Host. When I join and start sprinting my character rubber bands pretty hard. I have to spam E walking in circles to interact and pick up items. Sometimes I find if take off the armour i have stops me from rubber banding. Not every time though. Sometimes things will disappear on my screen but not host screen such as base items. Often when we are exploring I cant see the host because he his at a different part on my screen, but on the host screen we are right next to each other. I get high ping pretty often. When I place structures for blueprints, the host lags and looses frames.
  5. I keep spawning into my friends game with nothing and starting all over. I start right from the beginning at the starting spot. I loose everything I had on me. This is happening often. Along with that, it barely lets me interact with object in the game. I cant hit berry chunks. All my d├ęcor in house shifts in spots on my screen but not host. Stuff just being on my screen and not host.
  6. yeah no taming. even though its a great idea. we can pass on this one and execute other great mechanics like kicking.
  7. is the dew not collecting and the mushroom farm not growing a new issue? Or has this been an on going problem?
  8. Yeah I wonder how long the story will actually be. But it will probably be a very long time untill we get the full story.
  9. Yeah both of these would be a nice quality of life change.
  10. Hey Dev buds. Would really love a remedy for being able to rebind the "G" key. I cant freely use my ideal key bind set up because there is no way to stop dropping the planks.
  11. Yeah. i want to rebind my keys, but having G for unload the grass messes that up for me.
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