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  1. I could get behind a partial taming system as long as there is no mounting. Instead of mounts, if you want to supplement travel for instance, give us a grapple hook that attaches to certain flyers that have a predictable path (ex: bees that go from flower to nest) or a slingshot/catapult for us to set up at various places to use with gliders. Maybe even 2 tier (berry leather, and weed stems?) and 3 tier (bee/mosquito wings, with other components) gliders.
  2. I really hope that they don't add taming because it makes no sense and the suspense would be gone because everything would be too easy just like Ark.
  3. Okay, I know that I am in the minority here but please do not add a taming mechanic! The game is wonderful and difficult without it and bugs wouldn't have the mental capacity to tame anyway. I feel like other games (mainly Ark) made their games WAY too easy by adding taming. Sure its cool but the adrenaline of being down on the ground looking out for giant things trying to eat you is really what makes this game awesome with the exploration. If taming is something that IS going to be in the game please introduce a new difficulty or game mode where it is not OR refrain from giving the bugs
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