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  1. Hey, The hit box on the mint is a little strange at the moment, I go by sound as there is a difference between hitting the box and the mint It only takes a few hits once you find the sweet spot.
  2. Thank you for the tip but I dont believe this is a client side issue but instead server side. This issue is present on 4 unique setups including different PCs, different Routers and different ISPs If the issue were isolated to my PC alone I could understand but not matter which of my friends host the issue is still present. Even in scenarios where I have not joined their session. This rules out the possibility of ports being blocked on my end or BGP routing issues. This is a problem with the Grounded servers.
  3. Hi, We are able to host multiplayer sessions with friends being able to join but constantly experience extremely high ping and rubber banding issues. There is a perceptible delay of up to a second when you are not the host of the session (Hosts gameplay is smooth and lag free) - Tried hosting the same save on 4 different connections with the exact same results. Massive rubber banding issues when trying to complete simple tasks such as cutting down grass, Walking through a base, Hits not registering on enemies and so on. Is there no way to create a locally hosted server where t
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