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  1. Thanks for the hint but what can I do if there is no folder called "Maine" in AppData > local, nor in Local Roaming or Roaming? Playing PC > GamePass version. SOLUTIUON (found it) for the Windows Store edition Open Run by pressing Windows + R or searching for Run Type: %appdata% and press Enter You will be taken to Roaming, click AppData up to the top Open the Local folder Open the Packages folder Open the Microsoft.Main_ folder (there will be a string of digits after the underscore) Open LocalCache folder Open Local folder
  2. Thank you @The_Partisan_Spy we already did the pond as I mentioned above. We solved the pond with the Dome at the end and the hedge laboratory. I can't remember so please tell me if the first story quest is the mystery machine at the beginning?
  3. Yesterday we full filled the quest with the computer password in the hedge laboratory. Before that we solved the secret laboratory in the pond. Now we can't find any new quests. Are there any further quests? Thanks all....have fun being mini :).
  4. Yes please. We want to ride ants and lady bugs or hell yeah, SPIDERS!
  5. Here as well. This game is so superalpha. High Ping for joing player all the time, joining players quickbar gets set back on every join. Joining player can't build to axisting structure suddenly and so on.
  6. When I am playing alone and my daughter joins later she has her progress and joins at the day time I have played to so far.
  7. Because all of the save game issues my daughter and me are having...PLEASE GIVE US DEDICATED SERVER :). Sorry for the yell...it's a big wish.
  8. My daughter and me are playing our game. I am hosting and she joins. Seems to work just fine. But in my daughters game the exclamation marks for new craftables are clearing when clicked but if she leaves the game and rejoins all the marks are there again. This is the same with her inventory. Everytime she hast left the game and rejoined the inventory is changed and the quick bar is set back to what it was. It looks like her game state doesn't save when she leaves the game. We tried a few things like she is leaving the game before I end the session as host. She tried to run the game a
  9. I am hosting our game. My daughter joins and everything works just fine since more than a week. We have built a longer bridge through the air using frames and grass floors on them. I can snap new frames and build them, put the grass floor on it and so on. For my daughter beginning at a certain spot she can't attach new frames nor she can place new grass floors or grass floors on my built frames. Either frames and grass floors are staying red and don't snap to the existing parts. Also there are no snapping markers when hitting L.Ctrl. As I mentioned above the snap markers are working
  10. So sad. Until today it is impossible to move items or furniture. Why is that? And why there are no infos by the devs at all?
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