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Exclamation marks not clearing in crafting menu + inventory isn't saved

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My daughter and me are playing our game. I am hosting and she joins. Seems to work just fine.

But in my daughters game the exclamation marks for new craftables are clearing when clicked but if she leaves the game and rejoins all the marks are there again. This is the same with her inventory. Everytime she hast left the game and rejoined the inventory is changed and the quick bar is set back to what it was. It looks like her game state doesn't save when she leaves the game.

We tried a few things like she is leaving the game before I end the session as host. She tried to run the game as administrator and normal but it is always the same. All the craftables are signed with an exclamation mark when she get back into the game even her quick bar is reset.

I hope there are any ideas on that. Thanks in advanced.

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