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  1. Hi Ive just started Deadfire and I need some advice on Edger’s fighter stance. I’m setting him up as a pure fighter tank for my first play through. Every time a fight starts he changes from defender to another mode, I loose the engagement and the fights get messy. I’ve poked around in the custom AI but it’s not clear how I can keep him in defender mode. Thanks for all help
  2. Hi Guys Thanks for taking the time to reply, its much appreciated your input/insight.
  3. Hi Guys I'm just starting out the game on normal and I've enjoyed reading through these forums which have been very helpful. I wanted to post here to ask about players experiences with the party I've created on how the different classes blend together. I've made a party of: Edger: Main tank, I'll be picking all defensive skills/abilties. I've positoned him out in front of the rest of the team memebers in the custom formation. As I understand it, mobs will go to the nearest person. Kana: I will have a sword/sheild as an off tank, party buffer. From a classical view of Fant
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