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  1. Hi, I checked the gamepedia article; it seems I've missed at least 5 quests, not counting those faction quests, which it seems I can't finish them anymore. Oh well, that might explain something! That bear will surely get it next time... I was maybe a bit unclear, but in Od Nua I'm at the 7th level with all the elementals and stuff. There's one fairly tough fight at the end before advancing to the 8th level.
  2. Hi all, I'm fairly new to this game, but a long time player of BG, IWD, NWN etc. I've played something like 20 hours of PoE now and I've liked it so far - playing on normal difficulty. The beginning was maybe a bit challenging, nothing too bad, I was advancing fairly effortlessly until act 3. Maybe I advanced the plot too quickly, there were really no problems until I reached Twin Elms, but now I find that I'm getting absolutely destroyed by the old queen and the new king. Ho-lee **** do they just steamroll my party in two seconds. I think I may have been like level 7 (lol), decided okay
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