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  1. The game should be playable in a compatibility mode on ps5. But some features might not work properly. No compatibility by developers needed
  2. https://www.xboxdynasty.de/news/xbox-one/pillars-of-eternity-3-moeglich-wenn-obsidian-will/ Linked text is German.
  3. Honestly, I don't have a problem with that. I got a mouth to say what I want/ don't want and can stand my ground. I'm not gay and I don't feel uncomfortable if a gay guy would be attracted to me and try to flirt. As long as everything goes in a good manner and not into, let's say dirty talking or touching. Cause I know my sexuality. If someone flirts you, you don't need to flirt back. If you feel uncomfortable with something say it or leave the situation. Honestly, I think sexual harassment against women is much worse but that's another topic
  4. I'm sorry I don't get it. In the end it's a game and the conversations are preset. To let everyone have a relationship with any gender is easier to code I think. You can always say "nope I'm not interested in a deeper relationship". Maybe you put to much of yourself into the game ? And what's about this "In real life, if someone know that I prefer female partner and he still ask me this question like the one Tekehu asked, he obviously harass me. However, if he does not know my type, I still think he should not ask this question. What he should have asked first is what my sexual preference is, so that he may know whether he is in the scope or not. Sorry don't know how to quote properly on my mobile. But what I wanted to say: where is the harassment ? I don't get it, I'm really sorry. Counterquestion: Assume you are married with a wife and have two children with her. Now a wife, who knows that, starts flirting/talking with you every day. Would that be a harrassment too ? Or would that be ok ?
  5. Maybe this helps https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1409067909 It's old but should work anyway
  6. Does the Bellower +PL work for everything or just for Invocations ? Imagine a Cantor could get better fists than a single class monk oO
  7. How does the Bellower +PL mechanic work ? So I understand you cast an Invocation and get +PL for consumed phrases. Then you can extend the +PL duration with SoT, no problem with that either. But now, how exactly does the +PL work mechanically. You get it once with let's say +5PL and prolong it with SoT. Now you cast another Invocation wich would give you +6PL. What happens now ? Does the +5PL get overwritten by +6PL or does it add up to +11PL ? I would test it but I'm on PS4 and don't have a Bellower/Priest at hand.
  8. I know how you feel buddy ! I red here since PC release and waited for the PS4 release. I theory crafted hours and hours for the perfect party and the perfect player character. Red so much about game mechanics, it almost felt like my "old" gamer times By the way big up for thelee and his really great FAQ/game guide. You always remind me how bad my mathematical knowledge is when I look up some stuff. Btt: I started some playthroughs even I wanted to play it only once or one after the other. I'm really happy that you guys try out so much different builds and combinations and that you can even create your own backgrounds and story's for you chars ! Really awesome ! If I'm hones I'm tried this too, it's not that I have no fantasy but that im really bad at RP. I started a playthrough with a custom party, my Hunting party of Woedica. The party was really good and it was fun to play this combination of classes but RP as a judge/inquisitor of Woedica wasn't my piece of cake. I first felt bad after the first 5 minutes of gameplay when I robbed the children of the Dawnstar and killed them afterwards. Oh lord I felt bad so I started again and played like I always and up playing, as myself. Now I'm a Kind Wayfarer/Soulblade and it fits for me. In conversations I answer like I think it's right and like I would do it in real life. Till now everything is fine and I'm enjoying the game with my light hearted companions
  9. Stealth and pickpocketing is broken on PS4. It works different as described here. It's almost impossible to pickpocket and even more to steal from crates. The detected indicator is almost always active but not accurate, means I can steal while the game shows me I'm detected but I don't get any penalties while stealing. Oh gosh, it's a long way to go !
  10. Actually it feels like its broken, most of the time I start sneaking and my circle is immediately red. I'll try more later but its definitely not fun !
  11. First at all thank you very much ! Do you mean by detected that the circle turns fully red or the bystanders only see my character without the circle been fully red ? I'm trying it out but I get the feeling that pickpocketing is screwed up on PS4
  12. So if I understood it correctly: I need to sneak to pickpocket - clear Only use one guy not whole party - clear Sneak up to the target - clear I can only pickpocket as long the circle isn't red or isn't completely red ? Does it matter if anyone else/NPC is around/hearing range ?
  13. Good morning ! Can someone explain me how pickpocketing works in this game ? I know I have to sneak but I can almost never pickpocket anyone. The game always says not possible while seen. Am I doing something wrong ? Or is it just broken on console ? I play on PS4. Greetings Dyxx
  14. I'd like to see a possibility to mod Deadfire on PS4 but I can't see it happening. I already asked if modding will be possible at any time but I didn't get a answer. I'm glad if they fix all those bugs on PS4. Oh god if I wouldn't be after this game since PC release I would have thrown it out of the window already !
  15. Thats very much dmg if you think about single class monks or even multiclass monks. Sounds a bit heavy
  16. Tank: Swashbuckler Eder Offtank: Contemplative Xoti with focus on offensive Wizard: Aloth or custom/or Geomancer Maia if you go to Ukaizo without faction Trick of all Trades/Heal: Theurg Tekehu MC: Pala/Cipher with WoteP Just a suggestion
  17. Is it possible to give gloves a glowing effect ? Maybe for a representative type of elemental damage ? Would look cool for monks. Maybe the gloves could change the element of turning wheel from monks and would only work if turning wheel is picked. Frost lash - blue Fire lady- red I bet you know what I mean Oh Berath if I only had a PC ! Edit: There is a lightning look a like on Deltros Cage
  18. Would it be possible to add a second Armor and Headgear slot ? For those "extra slots" the Item Values/Bonuses get disabled but the visual stuff is enabled. If in any of those two "extra slots" is a piece of Armor/Headgear the equivalent part gets visually disabled. I think I have red about it here with enabling headgear for god likes and disabling its visually. I don't know how much work it is
  19. I have general idea for your mod. Is it possible to add a transmogrifi button ? So that it would be possible to walk in wich armor you want with any stats ? I mean it's already in the game with those pet, the kitty cleaver ? I bet it's a lot of work but I believe everyone would love it
  20. How is the scaling of other items which scale by a skill ? Maybe you can orientate at that
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