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  1. Hello, I bought PoE from App store and I thought it was due to the version not up to date when I can't find him, yet when I check the version history, the complete version on App store should also include the deadfire pack. So I'm wondering if there is any precondition for Ponamu Bird-Scorned, the merchant added in anslog camp in deadfire pack, to show up?
  2. Hello, I just found that the original version of PoE I bought on App store does not have the new merchant in the Deadfire pack. I know there is Pillars of Eternity definitive in App store yet for some reason I did not buy it at the time. So I wonder if it is necessary to get the latest version of PoE (after version 3.0.8) by purchasing the definitive version? If so, it seems strange though since the original version + WM1 & 2 + definitive version would cost more than PoE 2.
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