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  1. What sails would you give the starting sloop? And wouldn't you get through scripted events which require a Boatswain? Sloop doens't have the Boatswain-slot. And I believe the Dhow has the same speed but with the added boon that you can fire 3 cannons at once instead of 2. So isn't the Dhow strictly a better Sloop?
  2. I don't think you're meant to do battle in Gorecci Str. You should just go to Gorecci via the South West side of Port Maje Harbor and just stealth your way to Ilari so they insta-die.
  3. Hi, what's so great about these blunderbusses? I'm thinking of making a Scout Streetfighter with blunderbusses modal on. But these weapons don't seem that great to me. Maybe I'm missing something...
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