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  1. Thank you guys for the insight. Could you also answer this question? When firing grape shot and trying to thin down above deck crew, does cannon damage matter?
  2. @Gromnir So fire cannons (magrite and wyrmtongues) only give an increased chance of deck/sail fire? Ok, i guess it's fair, but I expected something more, similar to the old greek fire. When firing grape shot and trying to thin down above deck crew, does cannon damage matter? From what little I've experienced, it always seemed I can only injure/kill only one person per cannon. Also, could you give some insight into ship types? Oh, and if possible, favorite cannons and why.
  3. Hello guys, I have some questions regarding ship combat and i'm hoping some of you guys can elaborate on it. I'm playing with the 5.0 patch, all DLCs and on PoTD. I've dome some searching but I either couldn't find an answer or it was related to an older version (so, it's possible that what info I found, it would not apply). What little ship combat I've done (i've yet to pass level 10, as i suffer from restartis) I've enjoyed greatly. Looking at wiki and the shops in Neketaka I though of some 'build' or rather theme. 1.I'm set to either buy the Dhow or the Galleon. It's purely based on looks. What do you guys think of them? 2.I'm interested in the Wyrmtongue cannons (the Magranite ones not too much, as they require getting too close for comfort). Strategy would be (at least in my head) to hit grape shot (above deck) and disable as many enemy crew as possible and incinerate their ship, then close to finish the job. Now, is there any 'specialty' to the fire cannons? What makes them different from the normal ones and are they worthwhile? Thanks!
  4. You're right, I do lack end game experience. This is also the reason why i'm asking around. It would be disappointing to reach the high level content and find my build lacking, because I'm the kind of person who'll delete his run and start again. Could you provide some insight into what i should concern myself with? Sustain? Defenses? Burst?
  5. Won't the defenses against bloodied attackers hurt me? Also, it seems Blood Mage is more suitable for nuking, rather then going into melee. It seems to be basic nuke > sacrifice > nuke rotation. Or am I missing something? Oh yeah, I dislike monks or similar classes in any game on MC.
  6. @Waski Did some further testing(with 18 int) and while the damage on Toxic Strike is nice, I don't think it will work that good on bosses as I initially thought. Also the guile cost is a bummer. Now, i've been pondering on other builds, so if possible I'd like your input. 1. Holy Slayer (Trickster + Steel Garrote) 2. Arcane Knight (Blood Mage + Steel Garrote) 3. Spell blade (Trickster/Streetfighter + Blood Mage) 4. Mindstalker (Trickster + Ascendant) After some consideration, while going invisible + nuke sounds fun as an assassin + evoker, I'm starting to doubt how good it may be against more beefy opponents and how good of a sustain it has.
  7. Fair enough. But, will something like stacking DoT work on megabosses? I mean, using Gouging Strike + Toxic Strike + Deep Wounds LE: Did anyone try Zandethus' Draconic Fury? I picked it up via console and it looks awesome, but I haven't done any field testing with it.
  8. I did think about this. About using either Spirit Lance, WotEP or Wahai Pōraga. My conclusion was that such items are very good when dealing with mob type enemies, but I could achieve more or less the same result with a few spells from invisibility. I'm not 100% sure, it's just an educated guess. I was well aware I would lose some nice utility spells by going evoker and I was ok with it. My other choice would've been Blood Mage, but I don't think it's a good synergy with Assassin (maybe with Streefighter once I get Bloodied?) Anyway, I am aiming for single target power. I want to be able to melt a boss like it's nobody's business. And since i'm playing on PoTD, my reasoning was that DoT would work better due to longer bosses fights and I only need to bring them to 1/4 before I could go for the finisher with Marux Amanth @Enoch My strategy for bosses will be to open with a good nuke from stealth (if possible), then go layout some DoTs and go invisible. Then I will either Smoke+Nuke or just melee until i get the boss near death. I'm just not sure how this will fare against the mega bosses or other nasty stuff out there. Also, I'm open to other suggestions for single target classes they can lay out some good punishment.
  9. Hello guys, First a little intro. I'm the type of person who waits until everything is released and patched, then goes for 100% completion. I also love theorycrafting and have a tendency to reroll A LOT. Somewhat recently I finished PoE1 (PoTD with scaling, ended game with 0 knockouts all around) with a rogue. My end game party was (Eder, GM, Durance, Aloth, Hiravias) I did enjoy the build, it was single target focused and once bosses were Bloodied I could just delete them with Finishing Blow. Quite satisfying. Sure, I was rather squishy and I had to use clever positioning and pick the correct targets, but either way, it was a style I did enjoy. Now I've started PoE2 Deadfire on PoTD with only Critical Path scaling. I tried some builds (without prior planning) but I ended up dumping them all around level 9-10. So, for the past couple of days I've been doing some research on certain builds, skills and classes. Here's what I'm thinking. Class: Spellblade (Evoker/Assassin) Race: Human (just RP value) Stats: Might 18, Con 8, Dex 10, Per 16, Int 18, Res 8 My playstyle would be the following: 1. Trash mobs Buff Infuse, Mirror Image, Illengrath Safeguard, Fleet Feet or Deleterious (others like Ryngrim's or Arcane reflection are situational) Run or Escape into center of enemy Use Torrent of Flame Smoke Cloud Delay Fireball + Normal fireball I believe this should be enough to clear most mobs, and I could follow with either more nukes or going melee. 2. Bosses (and Megabosses) Buff Infuse, Mirror Image, Illengrath Safeguard, Zandethus' Draconic Fury (+ others depending) Use Toxic Strike, Gouging strike and Deep wounds to apply stacking DoTs Go invisible and nuke / melee away If it's not enough, use empower to refill and apply a new set of DoTs Use Marux Amanth as a finisher. I could use some input on this. Do you guys think it's viable in PoTD? Are the wizards buffs enough for me to act as an offtank? Is a tactic like this sound for bosses/megabosses? (have no prior experience, so i'm going by ear) Bonus: Does Combusting Wounds trigger with Toxic Strike/Gouging Strike/Deep wounds ticks ? I'm also open to new ideas, but I'm keen on a theme like this. Imagine Kassadin from League of Legends. Something like that, play and style, is what I'm after and enjoy.
  10. Thanks guys for the input. I do prefer hybrid classes,something along the line of dex/int(shadowwalker,shadow,arcane assassin w/e) and dex/might(blademaster,weaponmaster).Never int/might. So i rulled out Chanter,just nop,but i added Barbarian in the mix(something about that Wild Sprint in the face of a caster just seems so satisfying,and he's not exactly a stupid brute type of play,i know because i tried and i died ) I also agree with 'jeffrobot' in that party composition matters a lot also(like Wasteland 2). If you guys have any more input on this i am more then thankfull.
  11. I know the feeling bro. So many games,so many times rerolling. It's a real bummer when you don't find from the start your class/playstyle.
  12. Hello people. I would like the community's help on a matter. I want to pick a class and i just can't decide which.I'm torn between a few because they each have some of my prefered playstyles. I like to use tactics and outwit my opponents. I liked the Shadow class from Dragon Age Origins.It has stealth,illusions,bombs and different poisons,basicly loads of fun. I tend to like summoning classes that are more active.Think WoW's warlock and Titan Quest's Spirit. I just want a fun,active and skillfull playstyle.So,that being said,i've reduced my classes to the following: 1.Rogue = in this game it feels too passive with no neat tricks and a few active abilities.You position and auto-attack. 2.Chanter = would've liked more dark and gritty summons but it's ok.It feels passive and it takes long to get them out.Most fights are finished by then. 3.Cipher = I play him melee with focus on illusions and deception.Almost no nukes.But it feels like i'm on the cipher band wagon with everybody and their grandma already there. Please help this poor wretched soul finally pick a class and finish the game(rerolled like 10-15 times)...
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