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  1. I'm not denying she's a good healer, i'm saying you just do not need a healer . I usually have 1 mage in my party for CC and utility, so it has always been Morrigan, because her personality (original tsundere) and banter are just so damn good. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Robes_of_the_Weyc https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/His+Heart+Did+Fill+With+the+Light+of+the+Dawn https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Shroud_of_the_Phantasm Make of this what you will.
  2. And just like Wynne, you can put Serafen on the bench permanently after finishing his quest and get the fancy hat. What i mean is, unless you like a companion around, sometimes his/hers usefulness is exaggerated. Case and point being Wynne, the party healer, somebody people will most likely highly recommend. Well, between combat stealth, potions and baby girl Morrigan with Force Field, i finished the game on Nightmare without even breaking a sweat. Also, i don't agree with your assessment that they were inspired by DAO. If we look at it fairly (without taking into account the time diffe
  3. My bad, i missed that part on some replies. I had Mirke as single class Monk Since I had 0 deaths, even if he blew up, I either didn't notice or it didn't impact the fight that much. In all fairness, it's not that common. Most of the times the effects are good. One thing you could do, is have him with high Metaphysics and use Cadhu Scalth (it's reduced damage should also impact self nuking) If they annoy me, as a person, as in, if their particular dialogues in certain scenarios get on my nerves. So far, only Xoti and Pallegina did this.
  4. Good job m8. I like it when people think outside the box, experiment and try goofy stuff, without concern of popular opinion and 'meta'. It's also a great motivator for other people to do the same. Even if I personally hate Xoti's guts, this is a fantastic build.
  5. I would recommend a single class wizard Aloth. In term of versatility and crowd control, he's king. Especially the high level illusion spells will help with some encounters. Another solution would be a single class cipher Serafen. It brings a lot of utility to the table. Giving you penetration, debuffing enemy AR or giving your party Brilliant (replenish class resources). Usually, I build him with only Deception spells and have him or another member use a club with the modal. Works decent enough. If it helps you, I almost always have Eder(sticky tank) and Tekehu(healer/debuffer) i
  6. Thank you guys for the insight. Could you also answer this question? When firing grape shot and trying to thin down above deck crew, does cannon damage matter?
  7. @Gromnir So fire cannons (magrite and wyrmtongues) only give an increased chance of deck/sail fire? Ok, i guess it's fair, but I expected something more, similar to the old greek fire. When firing grape shot and trying to thin down above deck crew, does cannon damage matter? From what little I've experienced, it always seemed I can only injure/kill only one person per cannon. Also, could you give some insight into ship types? Oh, and if possible, favorite cannons and why.
  8. Hello guys, I have some questions regarding ship combat and i'm hoping some of you guys can elaborate on it. I'm playing with the 5.0 patch, all DLCs and on PoTD. I've dome some searching but I either couldn't find an answer or it was related to an older version (so, it's possible that what info I found, it would not apply). What little ship combat I've done (i've yet to pass level 10, as i suffer from restartis) I've enjoyed greatly. Looking at wiki and the shops in Neketaka I though of some 'build' or rather theme. 1.I'm set to either buy the Dhow or the Galleon. It's purely ba
  9. You're right, I do lack end game experience. This is also the reason why i'm asking around. It would be disappointing to reach the high level content and find my build lacking, because I'm the kind of person who'll delete his run and start again. Could you provide some insight into what i should concern myself with? Sustain? Defenses? Burst?
  10. Won't the defenses against bloodied attackers hurt me? Also, it seems Blood Mage is more suitable for nuking, rather then going into melee. It seems to be basic nuke > sacrifice > nuke rotation. Or am I missing something? Oh yeah, I dislike monks or similar classes in any game on MC.
  11. @Waski Did some further testing(with 18 int) and while the damage on Toxic Strike is nice, I don't think it will work that good on bosses as I initially thought. Also the guile cost is a bummer. Now, i've been pondering on other builds, so if possible I'd like your input. 1. Holy Slayer (Trickster + Steel Garrote) 2. Arcane Knight (Blood Mage + Steel Garrote) 3. Spell blade (Trickster/Streetfighter + Blood Mage) 4. Mindstalker (Trickster + Ascendant) After some consideration, while going invisible + nuke sounds fun as an assassin + evoker, I'm starting to doubt how good it ma
  12. Fair enough. But, will something like stacking DoT work on megabosses? I mean, using Gouging Strike + Toxic Strike + Deep Wounds LE: Did anyone try Zandethus' Draconic Fury? I picked it up via console and it looks awesome, but I haven't done any field testing with it.
  13. I did think about this. About using either Spirit Lance, WotEP or Wahai Pōraga. My conclusion was that such items are very good when dealing with mob type enemies, but I could achieve more or less the same result with a few spells from invisibility. I'm not 100% sure, it's just an educated guess. I was well aware I would lose some nice utility spells by going evoker and I was ok with it. My other choice would've been Blood Mage, but I don't think it's a good synergy with Assassin (maybe with Streefighter once I get Bloodied?) Anyway, I am aiming for single target power. I want to be able
  14. Hello guys, First a little intro. I'm the type of person who waits until everything is released and patched, then goes for 100% completion. I also love theorycrafting and have a tendency to reroll A LOT. Somewhat recently I finished PoE1 (PoTD with scaling, ended game with 0 knockouts all around) with a rogue. My end game party was (Eder, GM, Durance, Aloth, Hiravias) I did enjoy the build, it was single target focused and once bosses were Bloodied I could just delete them with Finishing Blow. Quite satisfying. Sure, I was rather squishy and I had to use clever positioning and pick
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