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  1. Hey there guys. Been playing in Classic so far, plan to do all content except Mega Bosses. I've been enjoying this game so much. I'm a roleplayer, I'm a Game Master and I came to CRPGs because I almost never get to be the player. The great majority of the CRPGs are quite hard for people like me who don't care about min-maxing, but I heard Pillars 2 was quite forgiving compared to other games of the same genre (I played PoE1, didn't really enjoy it). It still itches that I know my characters COULD be better than they are, that there might be optimal choices. It keeps spinning aro
  2. I'm asking for RTwP btw Thanks for the replies guys! I' still quite a noob so I don't understand half of the acronyms you're using XD Besides PL hehehehe
  3. Hello there guys, I'm pretty new to the game, been playing many classes in Classic mode and although I understand the basics now and I can make it quite far without struggling, I was wondering if anyone could guide me into making a good Beckoner. I simply love the Chanter playstyle and the summoner thing. I usually go Moon Godlike, but I get lost on how to distribute my stats (I know Dex and Int are the most important for Beckoner), specially on how low I should get the stats I won't use. I also don't know which chants and summons are good to pick... I've found guides but they usuall
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