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  1. Here is an attempt, criticism is welcome and required. Thank you Regards
  2. The way I'm doing it currently is by adding root-level objects according to their $type value. I chose to do it this way because I didn't have perfect information on the objects' structure, and if some $types wouldn't require me to add a lot of extra form controls because of extra components they may contain. Also this way I have the most control over what shows in the list and what will not be included in the query as unimportant to modders. I imagine that in a perfect setup the editor users will only see the stuff in the lists and in the detail views which they "need in the majority of situations". So as a result, I am currently using a function that's like this: determineGameDataQueryOptions(dbName: string): string[] { switch (dbName) { case 'characters': return [this.gameDataObjectTypes.CHARACTERSTATS]; case 'progressiontables': return [this.gameDataObjectTypes.PROGRESSIONTABLE]; case 'abilities': return [this.gameDataObjectTypes.ABILITY, this.gameDataObjectTypes.SPECIALABILITY]; case 'attacks': return [ this.gameDataObjectTypes.RECOVERYTIME, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_AOE, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_AURA, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_BEAM, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_FIREARM, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_GRAPPLE, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_MELEE, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_PULSEDAOE, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_RANDOMAOE, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_RANGED, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_SUMMON, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_SUMMONRANDOM, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_TELEPORT, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_BEAMTELEPORT, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_TELEPORT, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_HAZARD, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_MASTERSCALL, this.gameDataObjectTypes.ATTACK_WALL ]; case 'statuseffects': return [this.gameDataObjectTypes.STATUSEFFECT, this.gameDataObjectTypes.AFFLICTION]; } } It's tempting to just filter them by their first component's type as you suggest, but my concern is that if I just include every object that has a Game.GameData.GenericAbilityComponent, I may offer objects in the editor for which I don't yet have all the appropriate form controls, and this may confuse users. I've looked over part of the objects in abilities.gamedatabundle and some seem to have modding-relevant data in their components after the GenericAbilityComponent. The short answer is yes The long one is that you need to replicate objects in many of the files, if you want to build a custom class, with its own full set of abilities and their own effects. It's doable but it's a lot of work, for some of which the editor can help you, but not for everything. It would help if you are very proficient with the game first, so you know what capabilities the game's rules offer your character, and you can better design and balance its abilities and their effects. Thank you for your quick reply.
  3. Possible noob question, but wanted to know if it is possible to create a custom class? Maybe not with this tool but with the current modding potential.
  4. Hello- So sorry that you spent your time on it, thank you very much for trying. A very generous offer, I'll see what else I can find. How about this? Not exactly a match for the armor, but a great elf archer. Here you go. I added a little shade to the portrait background under the impression that it will be better in-game but obviously the final decision is yours. Regards
  5. Tried a thing or two and I think it looks ok enough to use. Regards I made a small edit to the watercolor variants.
  6. Tried a thing or two and I think it looks ok enough to use. Regards
  7. I attempted a colorization. I also added the "sm" and "si" variants out of force of habit. Regards
  8. I tried something. Used a higher quality version of the image so that it can crop similarly to in-game portraits (hope you don't mind) Hey, first: thank you ! and sorry for only just replying now. I totally forgot that I asked for another watercolor picture I like this version but could someone (or maybe you) also watercolor the original picture ? I'd love to see both ingame so I can decide with what Portrait I want to go. Im very picky when it comes to things like that, sorry not sorry Cheers ~ Here is the original version's watercolor. I guess I will let you do the cropping that you like for the "sm" and "si" variants. Hope it's good. Regards
  9. Here is the Death God-like, not sure if I got the edges correct but it looks alright. Enjoy. Regards
  10. If you don't mind, can you attach the portrait that you are importing and I can help test it in my game. Can do, see attached. Alright, so in my game it looks pretty normal. However just to be safe I downloaded a higher quality version, which I re-proportioned and have attached. Regards P.S: I water-colorized it for you as well, in case you need it. Very nice mate, I appreciate the extra effort. Also mad props to the original artist for that amazing picture. As it happens, I also managed to figure out why my re-sized pictures went all pixelated, seems like I was using dashes ( - ) instead of underscores ( _ ) in the file name and that made all the difference.... No problem, and yes I noticed the dashes vs underscores (had a feeling that was the issue). Also agree regarding the artist, easily one of my favorite Aumaua drawings.
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