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Hello there,


I have been trying to modify the Spiritshifted "Weapons" to use the Unarmed tag and proficiency.

The expectation is that this would activate Monastic Unarmed Training/Transcendent Suffering and the Haymaker modal while Spiritshifted.

However even after setting EquipmentType to Unarmed and setting the ProficientAbilityID to Haymaker, it doesn't seem to work.

Devoted bonuses are applying which means something is working.

I would be grateful for any guidance.


Please find the code below for the Attack data:

	"GameDataObjects": [
			"$type": "Game.GameData.AttackMeleeGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
			"DebugName": "Druid_Stag_Claws",
			"ID": "fedd4e11-8c15-46cc-ba28-31aebcd762c9",
			"Components": [
					"$type": "Game.GameData.AttackBaseComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
					"KeywordsIDs": [
					"AttackDistance": 0.75,
					"MinAttackDistance": 0,
					"AttackVariationID": "35abdf41-fc3f-4310-8d5d-5d7da644affc",
					"UseParentEquippableHand": "false",
					"CastSpeedID": "eacb53e3-6eb5-422a-92ca-99cc883ae4a9",
					"RecoveryTimeID": "566840d9-1561-4243-8ca7-889df9869847",
					"OverrideTacticalActionType": "None",
					"ImpactDelay": 0,
					"ForcedTarget": "None",
					"AffectedTargetType": "All",
					"AffectedTargetConditional": {
						"Conditional": {
							"Operator": 0,
							"Components": []
					"AffectedTargetDeathState": "Alive",
					"HostilityOverride": "Default",
					"PushDistance": 0,
					"FaceTarget": "true",
					"AccuracyBonus": 0,
					"PenetrationRating": 9,
					"DamageData": {
						"DamageType": "Pierce",
						"AlternateDamageType": "None",
						"Minimum": 13,
						"Maximum": 19,
						"TacticalMinimumOverride": 0,
						"TacticalMaximumOverride": 0,
						"DamageProcs": []
					"Require****Object": "true",
					"StatusEffectKeywordsIDs": [],
					"StatusEffectsIDs": [],
					"RandomizeStatusEffect": "false",
					"CanGraze": "false",
					"CanCrit": "true",
					"DefendedBy": "Deflect",
					"AfflictionsDefendedBy": "None",
					"AfflictionApplicationModifier": "None",
					"SubstituteHitVisualEffect": "",
					"VisualEffects": [],
					"AttackOnImpactID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
					"ExtraAttackID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
					"LaunchBone": "RightWeapon",
					"HitBone": "Chest",
					"OnHitShakeDuration": "None",
					"OnHitShakeStrength": "None",
					"NoiseLevelID": "15743f94-1026-40b0-8e13-a667b3f66f63",
					"AllReactNoise": "false",
					"InterruptsOn": "None",
					"InterruptType": "Normal",
					"TargetAngle": 0,
					"ApplyOnceOnly": "false",
					"PathsToTarget": "true",
					"HideFromCombatLog": "false",
					"AdditionalAttackOnTooltip": "false",
					"DoesNotApplyDamage": "false",
					"TreatAsWeapon": "true",
					"BounceData": {
						"Bounces": 0,
						"Multiplier": 0.5,
						"Range": 10,
						"InRangeOrder": "false",
						"NoRepeatTargets": "false",
						"AlwaysBounceAtEnemies": "false",
						"Delay": 0,
						"NeverBounce": "false"
					"AttackValidityConditional": {
						"Conditional": {
							"Operator": 0,
							"Components": []
					"$type": "Game.GameData.AttackMeleeComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
					"EngagementRadius": 1,
					"IsUnarmed": "true"


Also find the Weapon data code:

	"GameDataObjects": [
			"$type": "Game.GameData.WeaponGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
			"DebugName": "Druid_Stag_Claws",
			"ID": "4c797511-68f8-4407-87d8-8e0e9ac40060",
			"Components": [
					"$type": "Game.GameData.ItemComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
					"DisplayName": 1819,
					"DescriptionText": 1822,
					"DescriptionTextTactical": -1,
					"FilterType": "Weapons",
					"InventoryAudioEventListID": "705deb97-3f84-48c8-a84b-e3c34e2d0e3a",
					"IsQuestItem": "false",
					"IsIngredient": "false",
					"IsCurrency": "false",
					"IsAdventuringItem": "false",
					"IsJunk": "false",
					"CanSellForFullValue": "false",
					"MaxStackSize": 1,
					"NeverDropAsLoot": "true",
					"CanBePickpocketed": "false",
					"IsUnique": "false",
					"Value": 0,
					"IconTextureSmall": "gui/icons/items/ingredients/stag_horn_s.png",
					"IconTextureLarge": "gui/icons/items/ingredients/stag_horn_l.png",
					"PencilSketchTexture": "",
					"InspectOnUseButton": [],
					"IsPlaceholder": "false"
					"$type": "Game.GameData.EquippableComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
					"EquipmentType": "Unarmed",
					"EquipmentSlot": "AnyWeapon",
					"AppearancePiece": {
						"ModelVisualDataPath": ""
					"ItemModsIDs": [
					"OnEquipVisualEffects": [],
					"RestrictedToClassIDs": [],
					"RestrictedToPlayer": "false",
					"EquipConditionals": {
						"Operator": 0,
						"Components": []
					"ProficientAbilityID": "b863a8c3-ed3b-4787-8b3f-2bdea96c47a1",
					"CannotUnequip": "false",
					"ItemRendererPrefab": "",
					"ItemModel": "",
					"AnimationController": "",
					"PaperdollOverrideRenderer": "",
					"AttackSummonID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
					"CannotSheathe": "false",
					"PropVisualEffects": []
					"$type": "Game.GameData.WeaponComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
					"Stance": "Unarmed",
					"AnimationStanceID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
					"StatusEffectsOnLaunchIDs": [],
					"IsDisplayedWhenAlternate": "true",
					"IsUniversalType": "false",
					"AttackID": "fedd4e11-8c15-46cc-ba28-31aebcd762c9",
					"NoiseLevelID": "15743f94-1026-40b0-8e13-a667b3f66f63",
					"ForceBackScabbard": "false",
					"ScabbardAppearancePiece": {
						"ModelVisualDataPath": ""
					"ScabbardRendererPrefab": "",
					"ScabbardModel": "",
					"AudioEventListID": "af7e82ea-8a9d-4fb9-bdb8-15f212f9fd11"


Thank you


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  • Airavat changed the title to Druid Spiritshift Unarmed Proficiency Question

In the code for the attack, where it says "KeywordsIDs" add this in: "1ff3caa3-e731-4c31-96b4-e03c300e3f3c"


That's the "Unarmed" keyword, it looks like the Haymaker ability applies the bonus to attacks that have it. Remember and put a comma and space after the keyword that's already in there, so that bit should look like this:


"KeywordsIDs": [
						"a39ed49e-b2d2-4d64-90cb-faaedf80dce3", "1ff3caa3-e731-4c31-96b4-e03c300e3f3c"


Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for your reply. I was beginning to think that this was going to be the case.

Will make the necessary changes.


Edit: Well the good news is that Monastic Unarmed Training bonuses are now applying, thanks for that tip, but the Haymaker modal is still not visible. Could I have entered the wrong ID for ProficientAbilityID? It was the only one I could find.

Edited by Airavat
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I've tried a few things and I think the spiritshift forms may just be plain unable to have weapon proficiencies. The status effect which changes you (Spiritshift_Stag_SE_ChangeForm) includes a section where you add abilities to the spiritshift form, but adding the proficiency in there does nothing. You can just add a passive Haymaker ability to the spiritshift but I don't think it could be turned on or off

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