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  1. Honestly, I think resting mechanics are pretty bad in video games in general because video games operate on a completely different level than a tabletop experience. You see, there is no DM in a video game, so nothing really stops you from abusing the rest system anyway, rendering it moot and something to be used in an options menu (maybe as a difficulty option?). Basically, why have a Per Rest and Per Encounter ability when I can either hike back to an inn whenever I please or just sit my booty down and camp to fix the problem right away? I know it might get some people up in arms but it's
  2. My Stronghold was attacked by Drakes and some Xaurips, including a Priest. I'm not entirely sure what happened during the chaotic fight but afterwards, my hirelings were hostile to me, possibly because I hit them with a spell by accident or because something converted them. The problem is that now all hirelings are hostile forever, no matter what I do, except one who shouldn't even exist (I killed him during the fight, yet there he is inside the main hall). Dismissing and reaquiring hirelings doesn't help and some of them don't dissapear anyway: Any new people I hire are instantly and perm
  3. I don't really understand how people can argue this much over such a small thing. Everyone is basically splitting hairs about the exact same concept: Resource use vs resource gain. There really needed to be an "I don't care" option because it isn't really different either way, as the designers will obviously balance the game around the system of choice. People act like it's set in stone that there must be exactly 10 enemies between point A and point B in the game and whatever system is chosen will dramatically alter the outcome of the difficulty in the area. The only thing that matters is
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