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  1. I started two characters, one on PC with Very High Intelligence and Very High Charm. Everything else Average. Only just got to Edgewater and the girl wanted me to go to bed with her. After she fell asleep I streamed my Xbox to my iPad (using the app OneCast) and played until 6am. This time my build was High Intelligence and High Perception. I noticed I was killing people a lot easier. But I really want to do a nice Min/Max build, but going below average on anything seems like it hurts so bad! Thoughts?
  2. Just save as soon as you land, it would be the same character.
  3. The real question is can you not kill anyone and beat the game? Want to go full on pacifist!
  4. Hey! Just curious what people are going to play as their 1st build. I’m personally thinking of a charming sneak thief that is high in leadership. I’m wondering if I can do a totally pacifist play through. I’ll sneak everywhere in disguise and if I get caught try to talk my way out of it, and if all else fails my companions can get their hands dirty. I’m just curious if this is even plausible early game... can you befriend marauders? Not kill aliens or robots? Thoughts please! Thanks!
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