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  1. I'm wondering the same thing. Would love it if they gave us a date soon. It's a little weird to still have nothing more than "2021" for a DLC for a game from 2019.
  2. Somehow I completely missed that one - thanks a lot for sharing! Hmm, that sounds a bit weird that the character "snuck through" or was overlooked, and that you can't kill her because they're past VO deadlines. I wonder if she will just have unlimited hitpoints, or how it will be handled...
  3. That would make a lot of sense if that's the case. When you say AFAIK, do you have any sources on it, or is it just an assumption? Not that there's anything wrong with that, just trying to get a clearer picture of what's actually been said. I mean, I guess I kind of get that, but what gets me is that they have been telling every media outlet for months now that you can kill everyone, and now suddenly it sounds like that has changed to "at least one" - but I can't find any sources on it. So just trying to distinguish between what's rumor and what Obsidian and/or Private Division h
  4. So everything I've read about this game ever since it was announced states that you can kill ANY NPC in the game. Now, however, I am seeing/hearing various different sources claiming that there's "only 1 unkillable NPC", but no actual source is given. So which is it? Is it none, or one? Or perhaps even more? Here's one source claiming the "only 1 unkillable NPC" - at 09:27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Q7V-kDGeY Here's another one: https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/481404474 Both are fairly recent, and most of the articles I can find (and have already read months ago)
  5. I didn't say the problem was lack of warning. My point is that design like that does really not make for great incentive to play the game until everything is out. Which is just one out of several reasons for why, in my experience with Obsidian/Paradox it is actually much better to wait. While I haven't played it myself, it is my understanding that both the expansions for The Witcher 3 are designed in such a way that it does not matter how far along you are in the main game before you play them, so that something like White March doesn't happen. I could be wrong, but in any case, I think it
  6. Eh, for me, a year may actually be a bit on the short side. But that has more to do with how Paradox does business which I learned the hard way with Pillars 1. I bought it on release day and started playing immediately. One thing was bugfixes and balancing patches, which meant that some of my key characters were nerfed hardcore halfway through my playthrough. Another thing is that the White March packs were designed in such a way that, if you had proceeded too far into the main story, you couldn't play them. Terrible decisions, in which you punish early adopters. Then, of course, at
  7. Yeah, I know, you're right... I get it. Part of me also already knew that. And I do understand it. Obsidian is in a ****ty situation in that regard. Still just gave a bit of an awkward and pressed atmosphere in what was otherwise such a cool, funny and positive panel.
  8. Very true. I remember years ago, Josh Sawyer and other Obsidian developers were showing an early build of PoE at PAX as well. It was very similar - very casual and they were goofing around, stopping the game in the middle of the action just to enable bighead mode just for the **** of it. Good times. And I love to see them continue that way of doing things. In an industry ever growing with more carefully planned deceptive bull****, this comes across as very honest and what you see is what you get. In fact, just about the only thing about the entire presentation that, to me, was a bit of
  9. I very specifically said peasant selling potatoes - as in, a vendor, not necessarily a farmer. Could have been a tailor if that suits you better (no pun intended). Anyway, getting a bit silly now and drilling way too much into semantics.
  10. Sure, but statgrowth and all the systems that goes along with it can vary a great deal from game to game (some can have it to the extremes you mention, while others can have basically none - and everything in between) - while an immortal NPC is always an immortal NPC. And honestly, if I am the big strong archetypical fantasy hero with biceps of steel and a greatsword longer than a giant, I do find it easier to believe that I will absolutely devastate the peasant selling potatoes in one hit - than him just shrugging it off. But at the end of the day, immersion (or lack thereof) is just
  11. People have tried, man. Then I exercised the freedom to kill random people in real life. The freedom is unmatched, I tell you! EDIT: But on a more serious note... NPCs that are literally immortal makes no sense to me, immersion wise or in any other way. Like, wow, you're literally unkillable... It is not I, but you who should be the one to go save the world, oh godlike merchant vendor of bread and fish!
  12. I absolutely loved it. For me it was one of the things that 100% assured me that I am definitely going to buy and very likely love the **** out of this game. For me, one of the key elements of freedom in an RPG is something as silly as being able to murder everyone if that's what you desire. I remember being quite excited about The Witcher 3 before it was released. I was at EGX in 2014 where CD Projekt Red were showcasing and taking questions. One of my questions were if you would be able to attack anyone, including random civilians. As soon as they told me no, that's where my hype and int
  13. Ah, that would explain it perfectly. Really hoping this to be the answer. What a relief!
  14. I saw the presentation and panel from PAX East. The game looks good and about what I expected. However, one thing has me a little worried. Seeing the main menu, there's this little item called "Deliverables". Now I know they did that awesome little tweet back in 2017 with Tim and Leonard where they said there would be no mtx or crates, but... With the recent backpeddling on other things (such as Steam availability), I can't help but worry. The main menu is shown as also having "Extras", so the "Deliverables" sounds a bit worrying. I'm hoping that it's just some sort of in-game thing l
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