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  1. Thanks for the response. The day I posted my issue here I put in a ticket to Private Division, they said they were looking into it and didn't get back to me for some time.. so I started a new game, basically speedran through to where I could get to Anton Crane just to make sure he was in the world before going back and playing the game normally. I explained this to the dude from Private Division support and they basically took it as the bug being fixed even though it obviously wasn't and they also ignored my other issue I was having with NPC enemies healthbars being bugged when changing difficulty. As I was doing a speedrun to get to Anton Crane I put the game on the easiest setting just to get it done, after putting the difficulty back up to hard again I noticed all the NPC enemy health bars were damaged.. as if raising the difficulty added to the max HP of the enemies but not their total HP, this was ignored with the dude on support saying "The enemies must have been attacking each other" So yeah, this whole support mess kinda just put me off playing and honestly, I haven't went back to it since between this forum post being ignored since October last year and Private Division support just trying to tell me everything is OK without actually fixing anything, it's frustrating to have 12+ hours of your time being ruined by a game breaking bug and then getting ignored when trying to report the issue, I'm sure you can understand. Anyway, apologies for the rant but it's just been a whole silly annoying experience.
  2. For one version of the bug you're correct, for the issue I'm having he isn't, I've checked numerous times on numerous saves and he isn't in Lost Hope or anywhere else on the Groundbreaker. Seems he's just been Thanosed.
  3. There has to be more to it than just this, I've had the same thing happen except he isn't showing at Lost Hope either and I haven't even talked to Cassandra yet. I haven't had time to experiment where the problem stems from, I'll probably look into it tomorrow looking back through old saved games but I agree it sucks, a total game breaking bug that they'll hopefully fix sooner rather than later.
  4. After a little looking around online, someone on Twitter has compiled a list of all banned names. Lotta racist stuff, I can see banning that.. but there's a lot of weird ones in there as well.
  5. PC and UK/EU for region. Not sure if it changes anything region or version wise but I got the game free with my new Ryzen. It's just something that totally befuddles me if I'm being honest, hell, even in Fallout 4 Codsworth would actually say out loud names that are banned on here, it's not a deal breaker or anything, just a bit confusing and like you said, pretty dumb.
  6. Hi, I'd like to know why my daughter who's name is Nia can't use her real name when playing Outer Worlds? Also, why ban the use of names on a single player game anyway? It makes sense for a MMO but I really don't get it here. Thanks.
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