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  1. Is it planned some sort of "merging" on GoG? I practically posses all the stuff contained in the Definitive Edition, but for GoG i have *just* "Pillars of Eternity".
  2. Well, also adding the proper entries in musicbrainz or freedb for the Deluxe edition will do, or just having a proper tracklist, i was not asking for more work from your side, it's a minor thing.
  3. In the End, i bought again the ADDON for Pillars II to have the "PoE Deluxe Orginal Soundtrack" (53 tracks), no matter i already had the "Original Soundtrack" (26 track). Now it comes to my hears there was the ULTIMATE soundtrack with more music? OH, COME ON! Why all this mess and confusion? That's a bit... depressing. Also, is it possible to have a proper track list of the Deluxe OST? It's unproperly tagged (many tag are just cut or not completed).
  4. I am really happy to join the others in saying you've done a majestic job in fetching both the OSTs, wonderful indeed. Since i missed the opportunity to have White March OST with the current Fig campaign for PoE II, i hope it will soon be available to buy in a manner or the other, it's a bit odd that as a backer of the first game + exp, i could not have access to it :/ Of course, it's not your fault, so i really thank you for your efforts.
  5. If you're on Steam or GogGalaxy you could verifiy the gamefiles and download only the missing ones!
  6. Thanks. I'm a bit uncomfortable in knowing she bear a grudge just against me, despite i'm quite a cat person. Maybe i've just used the wrong words, luckily enough, i can autosave me out of this embarassing situation. (Well, i'm stopping this foolinesh right now )
  7. Hi, I'm on 3.02.1008, GoG Galaxy Version, fresh installed/verified. As i enter in Galawain's Maw, Sul attack the other lions of her pride. She's got a really bad temper, always eager to start a catfight , i start wondering Oernos would have been a better, calmer choice. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ym3o3eyjplg1fks/sul.jpg?dl=0 Contrary to the 3.01 bug, other NPC are fine, not entering combat. HOW TO REPRODUCE: Load the attached savegame and Enter Galawain's Maw. WORKAROUND: Reloading the autosave seem to fix the problem. Savegame file, DxDiag.txt and Output_log.txt
  8. It's Claude Garmont's EB Garamond (more info: http://www.georgduffner.at/ebgaramond/index.html) You can download that family font here: https://bitbucket.org/georgd/eb-garamond/downloads . It's open source as long as you follow the SIL open source licence terms.
  9. For me it was about 4.5 Gb (GoG Galaxy). It's the same problem with Unity patching, everytime makes me cry :/
  10. Oh, i assume it's a problem with the address size of the counters, it seems the need another bit
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