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  1. I pre purchased Champion Edition of the base game and also White March expansion and I don't have only Royal Edition content. So please Obsidian and Paradox make Royal Edition DLCs for free for Champion Edition owners or make it as a paid DLC for the owners or an upgrade option. I don't want to purchase the game again. Thank you.
  2. What about "Champion Edition" owners like me? I hope we will also get Royal Edition content below for free or with an cheap upgrade option. "Digital Novella by Chris Avellone: A digital novella that focus on the backstory of some of the more interesting characters that players may encounter over the course of their travels in Pillars of Eternity. Collector’s Book PDF: Digital version of the book that is being published by Dark Horse. It contains lots of information and art on the setting, story, and creatures of Pillars of Eternity. 112 pages. Hi-res Concept Art pieces: High resolution
  3. Hello, When I pre-purchased the Pillars of Eternity, there was no Royal Edition. So I pre-purchased the Champion Edition. Steam now has Royal Edition Upgrade Pack but it is really pricey and there is no discount for the Champion Edition owners (it is for Hero Edition owners I think). So I hope Paradox or Obsidian make a great deal (discount) for the Royal Edition upgrade pack for the Champion Edition owners. Thanks. http://store.steampowered.com/app/344551/
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