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  1. Your feedback is great Loren Tyr, very informative posts.
  2. Please fix the -Infinity bug guys. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85600-302-infinity-bug-is-still-active/
  3. This has probably been said a million times but please, faster loading times and less loadings in general. General optimisation improvements, my pc is not high tier but still could run wasteland 2 better than poe and while is was not prettier in terms of art directon it is definitely more demanding(or at least it should be) since it's a fully 3d game. I know that wasteland 2 dc runs on unity 5 while poe is still just unity 4 so let's just hope that poe 2 will deliver in both gameplay and technical aspects.
  4. First of all I would like to thank you for still supporting pillars of eternity, you guys are awesome and i can't wait for pillars of eternity 2. I know these two bugs are very minor and definitely not gamebraking but still a bug is a bug. I'm not sure if the lightning problem is even a bug or just an engine behaviour but it happens when turning characters around in inventory menu while using that sweet dragon shield.
  5. Hello Aarik, sadly verifying game cache didn't help. Here are my two main saves http://www.filedropper.com/saves_2 with both my main character and Edér affected by the bug.
  6. Thanks guys. I wonder if the ring will be obtainable after visiting abbey but it's highly unlikely.
  7. Is there any item that gives +4 intelligence in wm p2?. I did find all other +4 attribute items but nothing for int.
  8. I've played in my native language and got picture related after compiling main white march quest. A moment ago steam downloaded some mysterious 1.4gb update but sadly -infinity and stock up status effects bugs are still present.
  9. Steam version white march part 2 3.0 weird Eder bug picture related, can't loot in some places(included in save), after enternig white march part 2 some enemies respawned at durgan's battery and some other random places http://www.filedropper.com/bugs_1
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