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  1. So cost of personal freedoms and deaths of millions is good in India, but bad in China?
  2. 1. That don't seem to work very well. Like for example USA's unemployment rate is much lower than Finland's and there are more fast food restaurants per capita but median salary of Finnish fast food worker is almost 30% higher than in USA. 2. Then on IT sector Finland has more software engineer positions per capita than USA and almost every company is need of competent programmers and yet programmers median salary is almost 10% higher Main contributing reason for 1. point is Finland's higher social benefits, which forces companies pay higher salaries for unskilled labor. Main contributing factor for second is cost of living in cities that held most of the software engineers, which leads software engineers asks lower salaries. As government also can use those taxes regulations to they collect and impose to skew economy in different directions, like paying "high" welfare in order to prevent people needing to work jobs that don't pay living wages and cutting cost of living by regulating cost of apartments, supporting people buying their own homes, with tax breaks and partial loan securities. Using those taxes to keep cost of education and health care low even for people in high end of middle class.
  3. Soviet Union had 100% employment rate, its economy was also "booming" until it collapsed (meaning Soviet Union)
  4. Is economy booming when budget runs trillion dollars in deficit per year. You can buy lots of things with loaned money, but that doesn't mean that you are economically speaking in good place.
  5. Greta is brilliant business woman, at age 16 she is world famous millionaire just by telling that people should read IPCC's reports and studies.
  6. It is good that you applaud for USSR invading it neighbouring countries without provocation and killing hundreds of thousands people. It is just so sad that USSR had to invade for example Finland in order to ensure that their initial bad hand don't cause them too much problems
  7. I find it bit funny how much more people bring up how Hunter Biden got high paying job in private company, without any other clear merit but, his father being vice president of US, considering current president's daughter and son of law work as high paying advisers in White House without any merit that show that they are qualified to work in such position.
  8. Like South Korea and Japan aren't North Korea's neighbors
  9. Second there is confirmation they're close it is too late. We need only to look cases of North Korea, Pakistan and India to see how fast the final mile in nuclear weapon development is. It is why there has been efforts to stop Iran's uranium enrichment programs. But currently Iran is enriching uranium faster than never before. Current prediction is that they will have nuclear weapons in 2021 if they want them. So now is time to invade if you want to stop their nuclear weapon program.
  10. Accidental downing of flight 752 reminded all sides of consequences of cold war where one side has already is backed to corner and paranoia and they still own air defence which range covers big sunk of Middle East. Meaning that Iran that constantly fears attacks from USA will shot more passenger planes all around Middle East regardless do they intend to do so or not. Also this situation gives Iran opportunity to continue their nuclear program with speed that they have in past avoided in fear of consequences, now they already face those consequences regardless. So as Trump strated his fight with Iran because of he hated Obama's nuclear deal, current situation in that light is lose for Trump and efforts to prevent Iran develop nuclear weapons. So overall it has been lose for everyone, except for those who want to see nuclear apocalypse.
  11. He was head of Iran's secret service / CIA / military intelligence who only answered Iran's supreme leader. So he was one of the Iranians who actually had power to negotiate any sort cease fires and other forms of de-escalation.
  12. According to Iraq's prime minister Suleimani was in Iraq because he was delivering Iran's response to Saudi Arabia as part of mediation efforts by Iraq. And Iraq started mediation in direct request from Donald Trump. So it seems that USA orchestrated trap for Suleimani in disguise of peace/de-escalation talks. I am sure that this will make peace talks in Middle East so much easier, especially if USA is involved
  13. Way they quote Regan, sounds more like people quoting biblical saint, than a president, which probably explains lot about american evangelicals view of the world.
  14. The Party of Wales in English . Welsh looks and sounds like a pseudo fantasy language.
  15. I think that German party split looks typical for European parliament like for example Finnish Parliament Swedish Parliament Danish Parliament Norwegian Parliament Icelandic Parliament Estonian Parliament Dutch Parliament
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