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  1. Consider that 1-year old has usually got ~15 vaccination shot against more deadly diseases. Even though medical experts use high caution principal towards covid vaccines, all the vaccines that have been approved so far have been effective and safer than almost all the medicine that you commonly use. And even though covid is only rarely dangerous for children, vaccines have been so far much much less dangerous to anybody.
  2. They didn't start from zero, adenoviruses are used in quite lot other medicines (cancer etc.) which is why they were able to reach their current capacity. But they estimated that they could increase their capacity to hundreds of millions dozes in months, which proven to be much more difficult than they anticipated. And it is even more difficult if there isn't existing facilities to produce adenoviruses.
  3. "Brazil should be licensing then producing their own vaccines en masse (as with local Sputnik)" That is easier said than done, as scaling up adenovirus has turn out to be more complex than was anticipated which is why AZ, Sputnik and J&J all have failed to match predicted production numbers
  4. Best explanation how they have connected those solar fields is following 11.1 Transmission and distribution Most solar power systems in Germany are connected to the decentralized low-voltage grid (Figure 21) and generate solar power consumption. As a result, solar power is mainly fed in decentrally and hardly demands to expand the German national transmission grid. High PV system density in a low voltage grid section may cause the electricity production to exceed the power consumption in this section on sunny days¸ due to the high simultaneity factor. Transformers then feed power back in
  5. Germans at least try to prove you wrong, or at least it feels like that Germany is full of solar panel fields like in above picture
  6. For example Nokia already introduced process to reuse 100% of materials in lithium batteries in early 2000s. But battery recycling has seen some downturn after Nokia left cell phone making business. And of course larger batteries need larger processing systems than those which Nokia developed for cell phone batteries. Also in case of soil and water pollution, coal mining, fracking and drilling oil also cause massive amount of that, so badly recycled lithium batteries aren't really adding amount of soil and water pollution (in comparison if same energy would be produced using either coal o
  7. Some of those energy storages are used regular base to sustain load in electric grid and district heating here. All the dam here have artificial lake, so that water flow can be controlled. (Hydropower makes 20% of Finland's total electric production) Wind parks have batteries and hydrogen production plant in order to balance output to electric grid and store overproduction. (Wind parks make 10% of Finland's electric production) Geothermal storages are used to store excess heat during summers to increase production capacity during winters. (geothermal heating, makes 33% of FInlan
  8. You store energy which can be used to produce electricity Potential energy storages like artificial lakes have been used from beginning of hydropower Batteries are also quite old invention. Using electrolysis to split water to hydrogen and oxygen is also couple hundred years old invention Geothermal storages are bit newer invention Compressed air/steam/liquid can also be used store energy NASA has experimented with FES/Flywheel energy storages in which energy is stored as rotational energy By lifting solid masses to high can also used as potential energy stor
  9. There are other drawbacks in turbines than space. Like for example it is more difficult to control how much electricity is produced and you need temporal storages, like batteries, hydrogen etc.. Also noise pollution and turbines killing birds are problems. Need to build in windy locations, which creates its own challenges for transmission. Also repair routes and recycling materials from the mills need to be taken in account. Nuclear plants also take lots of space and they need much more additional infrastructure. Like for example hundreds of kilometres of tunnels to store the nuclear wast
  10. Sorry for double post. Even though video is 30 minutes long I would recommend to watch it as it gives nice insight what industrial partnerships may cause
  11. They are dabbling nuclear power, but it is far from clean. But much better than coal, especially old coal plants. Rosatom's nuclear plant projects seem to face multiple problems. Currently their best reactor VVER-1200, is only capable to produce 1,198 MWe of power, which is 300-400 MWe less than its competitors reactors Single reactor plant still cost lot (Rosatom's estimate for their single VVER-1200 reactor plant in Finland is 7 billion euros [estimated building time 7 years after 11 years of project planning]), compared to Areva's 1600 MWe EPR reactor plant which was estim
  12. Coal question is interesting one. Like for example here there are multiple coal powered heath plants even though coal is more expensive than alternatives, and we need to buy coal from other countries which strains our economy. Mentioned cheaper alternatives for coal are domestic and would create new jobs here. Our coal plants are already old and their constant repairs make using coal even more expensive. But regardless of mentioned facts we have lots of politicians in city councils and in parliament who adamantly claim that coal is necessary and do their best to block any attempts to
  13. As long as Olympians are allowed publicly wear religious symbols and pray, I don't see how bending the knee, rising the fist or wearing black ribbon to show your world view is any different, but it isn't support for human rights movements which IOC has banned political symbolism with exception of some religious symbolism in the games even when that symbolism supports ideologies in Olympic Charter. Of course IOC could have just banned political gestures that support movement that go against Olympic Charter, but that would be bad for the business. It is easier to sell 'ban of all politics
  14. At least all the Olympians had to take following politic free oath in order to participating in the games Olympic Oath: In the name of the athletes. In the name of all judges. In the name of all the coaches and officials. The athletes' representative then completes the oath: We promise to take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules and in the spirit of fair play. We all commit ourselves to sport without doping and cheating. We do this, for the glory of sport, for the honour of our teams and in respect for the Fundamental Principles of Olym
  15. "There is no place for the weak-willed or hesitant. Only by firm action and resolute faith will mankind survive. No sacrifice is too great. No treachery too small." — Liber Doctrina Ordo Hereticus, Chapter XXVIII, "Exterminatus If Warhammer 40k has taught us anything it is that corruption is worst of all the crimes and you can't go overboard when you try to prevent it "Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand realise that you have no right to let them live." — Exterminatus Extremis
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