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  1. It tells about Russians that fight against Russia, it focus on group called Karelian team, which claims that they are willing to fight to separate eastern Karelia from Russia, which is interesting for Finland ad Russia (Soviet Union) conquered Eastern Karelia from Finland in WW2. Writer of the article tells that there are little knowledge about Karelian team and some say iy is Russian psyop in order to find disloyal people, then article moves to interview of man they call Dante who says they are part of Karelia team. In interview Dante tells that Karelia team is currently doing operations in Belgrod area for Ukraine. He says that they do operations mainly during nights and they are lightly armed and fast moving with good night vision gear. He then tells Karelia team wants independence for Eastern Karelia and team welcoms all finno ugric and nordic russsians that want freedom from Russia. There are couple pictures of Dante which show his gear and him holding Eastern Karelian flag from time when it was part of Finland.
  2. If we look Trump's first term, we can say there isn't ideas that are too extreme for the Trump. Question is more about how much support he gets in congress to push the ideas. Trump himself is principleless vane that goes where wind (his base's opinion) at that moment blows.
  3. I am not sure if democracy is winner when party that gets 1/3 of votes gets 2/3 of the seats
  4. Technically It is part of the name of the person that was patron of the person that found the island.
  5. They don't have similar punch like for example The Onion https://www.theonion.com/advisors-assure-biden-this-will-blow-over-once-all-gaza-1851452315
  6. State of Palestine is member of ICC. Them failing to arrest Hamas leaders in question could cause issues when they try to get international recognition.
  7. First batch they got contained according to some media source 50 missiles, but that number does not have official confirmation, Ukraine has received some additional missiles from UK, France and Italy, but total number of delivered missiles is most likely less than 100. EDIT: SCALP aka Storm Shadows are still manufactured. Greece ordered undisclosed amount in 2022 and UK has replaced missiles that it has send to Ukraine. Total number of SCALP missiles that have been manufactured in past 20 years is less than 3000.
  8. At least they didn't send national guard to shoot the protesting students. So there has been some progress in last 54 years.
  9. Isn't SA effectivelly a Russian ally against USA in world politics these days?
  10. If any NATO member sends their troops to Ukraine outside of NATO mission, then those troops aren't protected by NATO's articles. Same way as their troops in Middle east or Africa etc. aren't protected by NATO's articles. But I am not sure I there is actually any country that actually wants send their troops outside of some grandstanding speeches. Sending old armament from their end of life storages was already difficult political process to do
  11. Security council's resolutions are legally binding (although UN charter does not mention term resolution, but uses terms decision and recommendation) and all UN members are agreed to enforce them, when they joined to UN. But without that legal enforcement which all the UN members have agreed on, those resolutions are just same as presidential statements that just decelerated wishes of majority of security council. But when two permanent members of security council say that resolution is non-binding, then the legal binding of the resolution is on thin ice and they will most likely veto its enforcement in UN. ICJ decision are enforced by Security council, but any of the five permanent members have right to veto any effort of enforcement. With Security Council's resolutions security council should have already decided way to enforce the resolution or otherwise security council needs to come up with another resolution where they agree with how they will enforce the previous resolution and then any of the five permanent members can veto any effort of enforcement.
  12. It is like the summaries of the resolution from news (as UN has not released official version of the resolution yet) says "the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages". For which Hamas said that resolution will allow them to start again negotiations of releasing the hostages. When both sides of the conflict, see that resolution does not have any other effect than how it impacts their political grandstanding in international setting and resolution does not have any consequences for either side or for members of security council, if 'demands' of the resolution aren't met, then resolution becomes non-bidding as it is just set of wishes on paper. There just is not political will in UN or anywhere to make those resolution to be actually binding and every one knows it, which is why UN security council and other institutions have lost all the political power to resolve conflicts that they may have had in past.
  13. Russia has made quite lot extremist groups angry in Syria, Afghanistan and West Africa and as in past two years Russia has focused its intelligence to sabotage Ukraine and hunt domestic dissidents, those extremist groups may have had opportunity infiltrate in Russia and plan terrorist strikes. Considering that Russia has not been very selective when they have hired mercenaries to fight in Ukraine, so those extremist groups could have even got paid by Russia to sent their people there.
  14. Both US and UK claim that wording of the resolution is non-binding, meaning that they will not do anything to enforce it. And they most likely will not will let anyone else either to enforce it. Also resolution does not seem to have any effect on Israel's willingness to continue their rampage, so impact of the resolution will most likely to be next to nothing.
  15. Considering that Hamas stopped elections in Gaza after their win and last Palestinian presidential election was in 2005, Israel can say they vote for it and Israel is only democracy in the middle east, although as Israel's current leadership is killing democratic institutions in Israel can we anymore call Israel democracy.
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