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  1. Well, here is some more information. Currently, the game is garbled immediately on start; I've tried restarting it a couple of times. However, I have a spare USB audio/sound adapter (CM108) and I tried that, which seems to work always. So, ALC1220 broken, CM108 works. Seems like a compatibility problem. But how? What would POE have to do with the type of sound subsystem that works or doesn't? Is it some new feature that isn't supported correctly and the old adapter without that feature works because POE doesn't try to use it? Also, it is still the case that all of the other Steam
  2. I don't think I've played POE since last Christmas break, and back then, I didn't have many sound problems with it. Now, I'm getting frequent garbled sound, but not always. Why would this start all of a sudden when it was working pretty well before? Sometimes it starts immediately when I start the game, and other times it happens after I have been playing for 60 minutes. Confusing. Since I played last, I have upgraded my whole rig, so I do have a new sound adapter. It's the ACL1220. But, I have not idea if that is related at this level of abstraction. I don't have this problem with
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